White Shark Media One of Google’s Top Performers

Saying that White Shark Media is a top performer of Google Adwords is an understatement in the extreme. Since 2012, Google has invested in building the dedicated account team to aid White Shark Media in delivering to their clients top performance from their Google AdWords accounts. This puts the company in a unique and exclusive small collection of just 28 other Google AdWords Premier SMB Partners, and partners is how Google is servicing their accounts. With a presence both off-shore and on, White Shark Media has expanded its bilingual work force to maintain optimal service throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

One of the ways that White Shark Media Review has leveraged the power of Google is by adapting their Google Analytics at a high level of performance. Not only do they track details down to keyword levels for calls, but they share a screen with each client every month, via GoToMeeting and walk the clients through the statistics and recorded insights into their searchers online behavior and actions. Customers of White Shark Media Review quickly develop an insight and understanding as to how White Shark’s proven methods have been able to ensure results for paid advertising accounts. Their expertise also extends to Microsoft as they are a Preferred Partner of Bing’s Paid Advertising for small business.

Perhaps because White Shark Media Complaints started as a “boutique agency”, committing absolute excellence in the customer experience they have been able to maintain clients and boast that they still serve their very first client today. Started by three Dane’s, White Shark Media has achieved double digit growth year after year since its inception in 2011. They have been devoted to still giving each client superior access to the teams managing their accounts, and a direct way to call their account managers supervisor and receive any account information in real time.

It’s the continued dedication to always be improving and over delivering on their customer’s expectations that set White Shark Media apart from the other 28 Google Adwords SMB Partners. With their maintaining a transparent working partnership with their continually growing client base, and committing to staying with the close communication philosophy they manage to extend that boutique like service.

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