What I Learned about Securus Technology and How they Protect Us

Securus Technologies is an interesting company I read about that provides technology to inmates, correctional facilities and law enforcement entities throughout the United States and Canada. Securus works with over 3,000 over those entities and over 1 million inmates. I never gave much thought to cell phone usage inside of prisons and correctional facilities – I always pictured inmates talking on old fashioned payphones like in the movies. However, there are benefits to using more modern phones, including that calls can be monitored by companies like Securus Technologies that provide those services.


In addition Securus offers protective technology that can do things like seek out contraband cell phones that have been brought in illegally for inmates to use. Their technology can also stop these illegal phones from ever being able to access or pirate onto a wireless network, which could cause unknowable amounts of damage and cyber crime from people that are already behind bars.


Securus Technologies also offers technology that can provide emergency alerts in potentially harmful situation. The company calls Dallas Texas home and has created jobs for over 500 people.


I did a bit more research on Securus Technologies and found an article published on PR Newswire that featured real life quotes from Securus Technologies’ clients. These quotes were really interesting and I found especially interesting the specific instances where the technology came in useful and even prevented crime from occurring.


For instance, one of these quotes spoke to the fact that the technology allowed them to provide monitoring and collect data when there was a report of alleged abuse or misconduct. Another report talked about using the technology to investigate an employee of the prison that was actually a corrupt officer who was working with the inmates.


Overall, I found it extremely interesting that this company was providing such innovative technology in a sector I never knew existed.


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