The Talk Fusion Difference

Most people just talk about taking action to change people’s lives, but some people actually do something. One of those people is Bob Reina, Founder & CEO of Talk Fusion, a financial company dedicated to the mission of making improvements in people’s lives on a global basis.

The idea behind Talk Fusion is all about making a difference by acting on your beliefs. This is a company that is truly dedicated to helping people who want to realize their dreams and create a brighter future for themselves and others. According to Reina, the real idea is to have a vision and see it through until it becomes a reality.

Reina says “With great success comes greater responsibility,” and that’s an idea he believes in in a big way. This concept is the foundation of Talk Fusion’s mission and it’s the idea the company is founded on.

Reina knows it’s not enough to just talk about accomplishing goals, there has to be action to back up the talk. With his major contributions to charitable foundations, including $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society and his large donations to an orphanage in Indonesia, he’s proven that he means what he says.

Making a Commitment to Non-Profit Organizations

Bob Reina is truly dedicated to making a mark through his company and through a new program that’s been launched at Talk Fusion. This new program lets every Associate at the company donate a free account with Talk Fusion to any charity they choose. This free account comes with the Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan. It has several special features, like branding, account customization and special access to all of the company’s video marketing products.

Having a vision and then seeing it through. That’s Bob Reina’s way of making a difference, and that’s how he’s making things happen through Talk Fusion.


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