The Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Is Allowed

The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is allowed in all 50 states. The former 13 states who had bans on gay marriage will now have to lift those restrictions. What does this mean for the people who are sitting by awaiting same sex benefits? This is a ground breaking day in the history of the nation. Freedom and equality are now being given to all those who have waited so long. It means that companies will have to offer benefit packages for people who have a spouse of the same gender. This is a day that will go down in history, a pioneering time for this country.

So many have sat by quietly waiting for the answer that they thought would be positive. The Supreme Court is the upmost rulers in the land. They have the right to say who is allowed to get married and who isn’t. Many like Ricardo Tosto thought that the court would oppose the ruling, but others felt that they were backed into a corner and had no other choice. If the answer was no, there would have been tons of backlash and possible rioting due to the discrimination. This day, there will probably be no riots and more so celebrating from coast to coast. Freedom means that we all have a choice. Whether we choose to be gay or not doesn’t matter, we will honor those who were given the right to choice who they married and be able to legally uphold their union.

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