The Lime Crime Expansion

Lime Crime is a very innovative makeup company that changed the way that women or people in general view makeup. They specialize in bringing bold and bright colors to the makeup market that were certainly missing in some cosmetic brands. Lime Crime attracted thousands of fans that loved their makeup brand. Over the years, the company has grown and attracted worldwide fandom. Now, the innovative makeup company is expanding to China. However, the total expansion to new shores is delayed because of a few major roadblocks.

Expansion Plans Halted.

Kim Walls, is the Global General Manager for Lime Crime. She discussed plans for expansion to China at a recent conference that was held in Los Angeles. Walls related that the marketing techniques that worked in America would not work in China. This caused her a great deal of frustration. One issue that blocked their usual way of distributing Lime Crime products was that China insisted that wholesale products were animal tested, before distributing to the consumer market. This was a big concern because Lime Crime products are vegan and are not tested on animals. The only way to avoid this mandate was to ship the products directly from the United States. This would completely complicate exchanges, shipping, and handling.

Other Issues

Other issues facing Lime Crime’s expansion to China included the problem with counterfeit products that were sold in the China marketplace. Lime Crime decided to partner with Revolve, which is a company based in Los Angeles. Their partnership was a way to help resolve the expansion to China issue. Through various methods, the company let the China consumer know that the only way to get real Lime Crime products was through the Resolve e-Commerce platform.

Lime Crime Fan Base

Today, Lime Crime works with a devoted fan base that really believes in the product. It is their hope that this passionate fan base will spread the word about Lime Crime makeup products to others in China. Lime Crime feels that it is important to have those passionate fans help launch their product successfully to the new market in China.

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