Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Works To Change Lives


Bob Reina is not only the founder of Talk Fusion, but he has a personal mission to change lives. He has wound that mission into every fold of his personal life as well as into the very fabric of Talk Fusion. Reina created his company when he saw the need to send videos via email, but could not find a way to make it happen. Instead of giving up, he worked with a colleague and built a company that can do just that and so much more. Read this article at about Bob Reina.

Reina himself not only focuses on business but his giving nature to help change the world. He has been a vital part of the Tampa Bay Humane Society’s success with his time and record-breaking $1 million donation. Reina has also given many generous monetary donations to an Indonesian orphanage where he is helping to change lives. He chooses to not only help change the world through any way he can find, but to lead by example through within his very company.

Reina recently launched a program within his company to help inspire his Associates to give back to the world by allowing each one of them to donate a free Talk Fusion Custom Monthly Plan to the charity of their choice. This action will allow charities to spread their message easier and to a wider audience and in turn help them grow and help more in their communities.

Reina considers the company itself a way to help people, instead of just hiring employees he hires associates and gives them a chance to live their dreams by sharing his video marketing products and building a business. There are currently an overwhelming number of associates who have amazing success stories to tell and have had their lives changed by Talk Fusion.

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