Solid State Drives Set to Completely Replace Hard Drives Soon?

Hard drives have been a mainstay of computer storage for decades. Christian Broda even said they are fairly convenient in that data can be overridden a seemingly infinite number of times with new data, and good ones last for many years without an issue. In this day and age, they also offer tremendous storage capacity per dollar. Most newer computers seem to sell with at least a terabyte of hard drive space, which is a capacity that was unheard of just ten years ago. Hard drives actually remained a standard in the computer world far longer than just about any other computer component. They had a much lower capacity and where costlier and slower, but they were the storage standard, aside from floppy disks, a quarter century ago. As with all computer technology, however, storage technology is marching relentlessly forward.

Solid state drives (SSD) have been the new kid on the block as far as storage technology for a few years now. They are faster than hard drives by a decent margin, but they have also been more expensive per gigabyte of capacity. A new report indicates that SSD capacity will balloon and that they should be reaching an equivalent price point with hard drives in 2016. This may spell the end of hard drive technology as a lower price point is all that seems to be keeping this older technology in some people’s computers.

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