Sanders predicts White House victory

Bold predictions rarely take place in the world of politics where candidates for major offices like to protect themselves from making rash prediction. However, the growing support shown for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as he fights Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination has seen him take to the TV and declare he will be the next President of the United States. PoliticusUSA reports Sanders appeared on ABC’s This Week and stated his campaign was now confident of winning the primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire before securing the nomination and later the White House.

Sanders has recently seen his public appearances attended by huge numbers of people from across the country and his speeches and town hall meetings switched to larger venues to handle the growing number of attendees. Ricardo Tosto knows a few people who have attended. The Senator is using his growing popularity to discuss bringing in policies like universal healthcare and ending tax breaks for big business. Sanders is also refusing to take donations from major Wall Street backers who are throwing their financial weight behind former Secretary of State Clinton in a bid to show his campaign is based in the people of America and not the major corporations of the country. Sanders facing a struggle to convince those outside the Democratic party that he is the right choice for the Presidency, but his populist policies have struck a chord with many who see problems in the growing gap between the top earners in the country and the middle class.

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