Professionalism in Every Aspect of Home Cleaning

Cleanliness is an aspect that is highly observed in every so as to avoid health compromising germs from entering our bodies and cause diseases. Also when a home is clean, there are far more benefits like always wanting to leave work and rush to the comfort of a clean home and not a dirty, dusty and disorganized home. For this reason, was formed by Handy home cleaning two entrepreneurs who saw it necessary to have an agency that serves Americans and around the world by cleaning their homes using qualified professionals and world class equipment to ensure that the décor in homes is complimented by proper lighting, good drainage system, and good wall painting. Oisin Hanraham is the CEO of Handy and Umang Dua is the COO. They are individuals who have worked in the service industry for long and have relayed the experience into Handy and its staff. The company was formed in 2012.

Handy has several branches around the world. The common cleaning services offices that are closer to a city near you are Cleaning Service San Francisco, Cleaning Service New York, Cleaning Service Los Angeles, Cleaning Service Toronto, Cleaning Service Vancouver, Chicago, Cleaning Service Boston and Cleaning Service London. Handy offers timely services to its clients on just a one day notice by booking to have their services on their advanced website that takes merely two minutes. Some of the services that are offered by handy include providing a handyman who will clean and arrange pictures and shelves, position air conditioner to your convenience and air condition your home, moving and doing furniture assembly, television set mounting, interior designing and painting, fixing knobs and locks as well as fixing curtains and blinds. Plumbing services available and offered by experienced and highly skilled Hany staff are fixing faulty drainage systems, replacing faucets, fixing and replacing toilets and garbage disposal. Electrical services available are fixing of lightings and bulbs, fixing of ceiling and bath fans outlets. Cleaning services which makes most of Handy’s revenue includes office, home, and vacation rental cleaning.

In home cleaning services, Handy offers bedroom living room and common areas cleaning where it cleaning all floor surfaces, dusts all surfaces, wipes mirrors, and other glass fixtures, and taking out garbage for recycling. In bathrooms, Handy cleans all floor surfaces, wiping glass and all mirror fixtures, dusting all surfaces, washing and sanitizing the bath tub, toilet, shower and sink. In kitchen areas, services like dusting all surfaces, wiping the exterior of fridge, stove and oven, empty sink and load dish washer with used dishes, clean all floor surfaces and take out garbage for recycling. Extra services are offered upon request of the client like cleaning of insides of fridge, laundry wash and dry, interior windows, insides of ovens and the insides of cabinets.

As the market for home cleaning and repair services booms, Handy has the largest portion as it gets over 1 million home cleaning requests in a single week. The company has a mobile app that clients can access and book services easily. Efficiency and professionalism is the key to Hand’s success story.

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