Karl Heideck on Salary Law in Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is a legal commentator in Philadelphia. He has a blog through which he writes on various matters that concerns the law in the region. In one of his recent works, he has featured the recently enacted law, which prohibits employers in the region to ask for the salary history of their potential workers. The law which was passed at the beginning of 2017 attracted varied opinions from both sides either supporting or condemning the issue. Many employers were against the move since they saw it as a potential measure meant to gag them from getting information on the people they would like to hire. To them, it was unfair not to give them access to the history of a potential workers salary. The move to them was in bad faith.

On the other hand, the biggest supporters of the move were the workers’ unions. Workers unions saw this as an opportunity for them to have a level playing ground. To them, the hiring process has always been skewed. This move to bar employers from accessing the salary history of potential workers would restore the privacy that was missing from the process for a very long time.

Karl Heideck applauded the move as historical, according to him there existed a gap that needed to be closed in the salaries offered to men and women. Karl noted that the law was to address the gap that had women get lower pay than the males for the same job description. According to statistics men have a higher probability of starting at a higher pay than women. If the starting salary of the man is higher, it will mean that he is more likely to get a better salary increase than the women, who will likely start at a lower pay.

According to Karl Heideck, this law will put an end to this tradition since employers will not have access to the salary history of their employees. They will not have a basis for comparing the salaries that a worker used to get whether a man or a woman.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a lawyer from Philadelphia who writes extensively about litigations going on in the area as well as laws that are passed by the legislators in the city.

Kael Heideck has been in recent years involved in bank litigations that involve frauds. Karl has over 10 years of experience, handling cases of business litigations.

For details: www.lawyer.com/karl-heideck.html

At Rocketship Education, Parents Are Involved In Hiring Of Teachers

In the 1990s, Los Angeles Unified School District allowed parents and teachers to be part of the recruitment process for principals and staff members. However, today’s parents are rarely involved in school’s hiring process. Most parents know their children’s teachers once schools are opened for a new term. At Rocketship Education, parents are engaged in every activity. The charter school network involves parents in job interviews for teachers. Speaking to Education Week, Preston Smith said that parent-participation is at the core of the school system. Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Rocketship chain of schools. In all the campuses of Rocketship Education, three to six parents undergo training to enable them to be part of the interviewing panel. Additionally, the schools hold community meetings to give parents a chance to meet the finalists. Smith said that parents’ input in job interviews is highly valued.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship is a non-profit chain of public elementary charter schools that primarily enrolls low-income students. Most students from low-income neighborhoods are unable to get quality education due to the limited accessibility of schools in their regions. Rocketship offers these children a platform to achieve success like their counterparts from wealthy neighborhoods. Rocketship Education empowers teachers, involves parents and inspires communities. It is for this reason that the brand has received national attention. With a great team of highly qualified teachers and leaders, the school makes a profound impact on students’ academic lives. They stand out in charter schools due to their teaching model that focuses on personalized learning and growth.

With a clear understanding that every child learns and advances at their own pace, the school team works to ensure that each child is taught using a tailored approach to achieve academic success. Most traditional schools use a one-size-fits-all system. Rocketship Education’s inclusive learning model features traditional instruction, tutoring and technology that allow students to learn at their paces. Innovation is at the heart of Rocketship. They continue to explore possible ways of incorporating technology with unique teacher-led instruction to help meet the specific needs of each student. They also work closely with parents to ensure that they take charge at home, school and in the community. The extensive involvement of the parents with their children’s activities plays an important role in enhancing their class performance.

Jeffry Schneider Lives Life to the Fullest

Jeffry Schneider was best known for years in the financial sector as one of the most forward-thinking and creative investment advisers. He has always taken the long-term perspective on generating and protecting his clients’ assets and has been handsomely rewarded for this patient approach with a wide client base and a stellar reputation for success. It would be easy to imagine Schneider doing nothing but managing and growing his clients’ assets because that is certainly a full-time and demanding undertaking. However, Schneider has proven to be an anomaly in the financial sector because he has managed to make his life about so much more than simply growing money.

Jeffry Schneider faithfully finds time in his jam-packed work schedule to travel the world and compete in some of the most exclusive and grueling athletic challenges known to man. He has taken to training for the Ironman and Half Ironman races and has already completed several of them over the years. Schneider uses his training and the actual races to find new and surprising places all over the world to travel for his conditioning. He shares the beauty of these phenomenal places through his travel blog, which he updates whenever he finds a new location to share with the world.

In all of his many travels for his race training, Schneider has met some fascinating people from all different cultures. The relationships that he has formed with fellow competitors and racing enthusiasts have translated into lasting friendships and a broader perspective in his professional life. Schneider is known for leaving a trail of smiles wherever he goes and manages to make new connections everywhere. This has been a strong asset for Schneider’s clients because it is one of the ways that Schneider has discovered some of the most promising private investment opportunities.

Schneider always finds the time to be there for his clients, even when he is hitting the trails thousands of miles away. His ability to live a full lifestyle is one of the reasons that he has had such a long tenure as one of the most respected financial advisers around.

Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned financial advisor and works with AXA global insurance company in America. He studies Bachelor of Science in Pacing University and masters in Computer Science in Lubin Business schools. Previously he has worked with prudent Insurance, Money and AXA Company. Currently, he is the vice president of AXA Company in New York City. The company was founded in 1817, and it offers financial services, products, and asset management. Over the years, AXA Advisors has expanded its operations thus increase in profit margin.it has won several awards and has been listed by Forbes magazines among top ten companies in Europe and America. It operates across the continent in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. The company headquarters is in France.

Vincent deals with recruitment and retention of marketing and sales teams. Also, he heads the sales team and gives AXA company direction and steps regarding sales.

Regarding human resource and development, he is in charge of training, space management, and company operations. For more details visit Alumnius.

He has accumulated experience in the field of financial service and insurance for 25 years. Due to hard work, commitment, dedication, and diligence in his work have earned several awards including Gama Career Award and Master Agency awards.

He started his career as a sales agent in a prudent insurance company in 1987 immodestly after college. He, later on, join Monny Company and he was privileged to hold several managerial positions. Later on, he moved to AXA Company and was appointed as the chairman of the group of companies. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Vincent managed to maneuver through several managerial positions in the company until when he was appointed as the vice president of the company. Also, he served in different company branches in California and Hawaii as a financial advisor. During his tenure as human resource administrator, the company increased number of employees to 5000 and influx by employee reduced by 60% thus promoting retention in the business

Vincent offers free time he provides investment and financial advice to future young entrepreneurs. , he has supported his company to engage in charity work through sponsoring poverty eradication programs across the globe. AXA Advisor prides itself for having Vincent as a selfless and dedicated team leader. You can visit his Vimeo account for more.


See more: https://wallethub.com/profile/vincent-parascandola-13214204i/

JHSF is Proof That Being Different can be Highly Profitable

Every few decades a company emerges, goes about everything differently and ends up revolutionizing its industry. Many companies try to do this, but most fail. Consequently, few companies attempt to deviate from the industry norm, and those who do often end up being ridiculed. However, one company that has done this and succeeded is Brazilian real estate giant, JHSF. While most of the industry over the past few years has been aggressively their commercial and residential developments portfolios, JHSF has been diversifying into shopping malls, hotels and, now, an airport. This has allowed the company to maintain a steady source of revenue even when the real estate sector has experienced crippling shocks.

Innovation is in the soul of JHSF. It is entrenched in the company’s culture. Unsurprisingly, a look through the history of Brazil’s real estate industry in the last few decades shows that JHSF was the first to market with many products and services. For example, it was the first company in the industry to venture into the hospitality sector by acquiring the Fasano group of hotels. This highly successful move has since been copied by many other real estate developers in the country. The company was also the first to adopt the now-popular concept of green-housing through its Vitra residential complex project. The complex is still lauded to this day for being environmentally sustainable, yet aesthetic and functional.

The innovating spirit at JHSF has been significantly inspired by the company’s current chief executive officer and chairman, Jose Auriemo Neto. Known to many in the company as Zeco, Mr. Neto has been with the developer for close to one-and-a-half decades. He has been the driving force behind many of JHSF’s ambitious projects, including the one currently being undertaken to develop an executive airport. Under his leadership, JHSF’s value has grown to about R$1.2, thus making it one of the largest real estate developers in the region.

Mr. Neto holds a degree from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, Sao Paulo. Further, his high standing in the Brazilian business community has seen him twice hold a position in the Young Presidents’ Organization.


Walmart Price Matches Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dry dog food options include Beneful originals, healthy weight, healthy puppy, playful life, and even Incredibites. Beneful dry dog food has been used over the years by many pet owners all over the world who stand behind Beneful with nothing but positive experiences. Beneful dry dog food can be found at Walmart for affordable prices that are cheaper than most local pet stores. Walmart price matches Beneful dog food along with all the other items that they sell if one of their competitors has an item for a lower price than they do. All you must do is bring in a store ad for the store that has it cheaper in order to get that price at Walmart.

Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/beneful-dog-food

Tech Entrepreneur & Mogul Eric Pulier

The technological field of work has grown into one of the most progressive and profitable industries in modern times. This industry is rather exclusive, but it’s also demanding. Many of today’s hottest technologies have some form of advanced technology built right in. This includes smartphones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment.

Technologist, Eric Pulier is one of the most important figures in this line of work. His passion is very deep, and his solutions are priceless. Though you may not have ever heard of his name, this guy has probably touched the lives of millions of people indirectly.

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Eric Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey. As a youngster, he would always seem to ask all of the right questions. His inquisitive nature plays a critical role in how successful he has become. The guy has literally attended two of America’s most prestigious higher learning institutions. MIT and Harvard University was his stomping grounds back in the 1980s. Pulier worked as a student journalist for the Harvard Crimson publication. His column, “Pulier’s Leg,” was very popular among the student body. He just so happened to be the Harvard Crimson’s editor. Of course, Pulier fine-tuned his technological craft at MIT. In 1988, he would go on to graduate magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier has always been a firm believer of serving the needs of humanity and many of his founded companies does exactly that. Technology-based solutions was the name of the game, and he most definitely specialized in it to the fullest. He has envisioned a world to where humanity and technology works hand-to-hand. As of today, this idea rings true on many different levels. “Innovations and technology will improve the world”, said Pulier. He believes so firmly in this idea to where he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tech startup companies. Many of these very companies have gone on to become a huge success. Eric Pulier is leading by example, and he has laid out a successful blueprint to follow.

Learn more about Eric Pulier: https://gazetteday.com/2017/09/how-eric-pulier-is-helping-to-shape-the-software-industry/

NewsWatch TV Earns Positive Reviews for Promoting and Marketing Avanca’s and Saygus’ Products and Services

NewsWatch TV recently collaborated with Avanca to market and promote Ockel, Avanca’s sister company, through a crowd-funding campaign. As a leading manufacturer and designer of mobile lifestyle accessories, Avanca enlisted NewsWatch’s help to promote new line of pocket PC. The campaign was aired countrywide through NewsWatch’s online networks and social networking accounts.


NewsWatch received positive reviews for previously conducting a similar crowd-funding campaign and enabling Ockel to achieve its goal by over 2939 percent. NewsWatch’s role in the current campaign involved handling video production and logistics. This work also included post-production editing, BROLL filming, on-site interviews, and traveling to Germany amidst the International IFA Conference.


Besides Avanca, Saygus (a smartphone manufacturer) also enlisted NewsWatch’s help in marketing and promoting its new smartphones. The new phones were being launched at the critically-acclaimed Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. Just like the Avanca campaign, NewsWatch used its online networks and social media accounts to air Saygus’ campaign. NewsWatch’s role also involved project development, production, scripting, and distribution.


About NewsWatch TV


NewsWatch TV is a popular American television show, which started airing in 1990 and focuses on consumer news, mobile app reviews and sponsored consumer electronic reviews. The TV show also airs public service announcements, breaking government and medical news and electronic news.


Besides having its headquarters in Washington DC, NewsWatch has satellite offices in Denver, CO, New York City and Fairfax, VA. NewsWatch’s parent company is Bridge Communications, a communications and video production company. NewsWatch gained critical acclaim for its consumer-based TV shows. The company also connects with its viewers on social networking sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Its videos are also available on its Vimeo channel, YouTube channel and the NewsWatch Blog.


NewsWatch TV show is usually hosted by Michelle Ison, Susan Bridges, and Andrew Tropeano. These hosts introduce product or service reviews and individual stories in the TV programs. They also interview newsmakers from remote locations and celebrities on a wide range of topics.


Talos Energy LLC, the employee-centric oil drilling company

Talos Energy LLC is a company with its headquarters in Houston that is mainly focused on the exploration and exploitation of both oil and gas at the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy LLC is affiliated with Apollo Global Management LLC, Talos Management, and Riverstone Holdings LLC. The affiliated companies are responsible for backing up of investment funds to Talos Energy LLC.

Ash Shepherd serves as the Commercial Manager for Talos Energy LLC in Mexico. He is responsible for the signing of production sharing contracts that came about after Mexico had its historic energy reforms in 2013. Talos Energy was ranked as a top workplace by the Houston Chronicle Top Workplaces in both 2013 and 2014. This was brought about by the competitive employee benefits, flexible working schedules for the promotion of employee work/life balance, and numerous advancement opportunities.

History was made in Mexico when a private company put up a new offshore oil rig in the Mexican waters. This has not happened in about 80 years since the country of Mexico nationalized the oil industry in 1938. This move is meant to allow foreign companies back to the Mexican energy markets. To know about Talos Energy click here.

Premier Oil, Talos Energy LLC, and Sierra Oil and Gas joined forces to begin drilling the oil well in May 2017. The joint venture represented the first of many to come international oil business collaborations in Mexico. The venture is represented by companies that are based in London, Houston, and Mexico. The well was named, Zama-1. It is located in the Mexican state of Tabasco, at the Sureste Basin. The well is estimated to hold 100 million barrels to 500 million barrels of crude oil, that’s according to a statement from Premier Oil. The drilling process is expected to take 90 days to complete.

Since Zama-1 is the first well to be drilled by private companies, the industry has a keen interest in the outcome of the process. Researchers say that there is a high chance of success due to the geological structure of the basin. Sierra Oil and Gas hold 40 percent stake in the business venture, followed by Talos Energy LLC at 35 percent and Premier Oil at 25 percent.

Sheldon Lavin Transforms OSI Group Into A Global Corporation

Sheldon Lavin joined the meat processing industry 43 years ago as a financial advisor to Otto and Sons, the predecessor to OSI Group. However, in the last four decades he has played a pivotal role in transforming the small company into a leading corporation in the competitive processed foods industry.

Lavin first came in contact with Otto & Sons in 1970. The small Chicago-based company was the provider of processed meat products to McDonald’s Corporation. Its main products to the food chain retailer were hamburgers. McDonald’s appreciated the quality of Lavin’s services, thus encouraging Otto & Sons to enlist his services. This strategic move completely transformed the company. After becoming one of the partners of the company, he began working on a plan to ensure that the company established a global network of processing facilities. Owing to his business acumen, the company managed to grow and increase its client base. When Otto retired from the company, Lavin became the third partner in the business.

Sheldon Lavin continued to use his extensive knowledge and experience in the financial industry to ensure Otto & Sons had adequate funds to run its operations smoothly. With an eye focused on the global market, the company changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. This move helped both OSI and McDonald’s to grow together and dominate the market.

Sheldon Lavin has channeled his efforts towards transforming OSI from a small Chicago-based meat supplier to a global brand with dozens of facilities spread across the globe. The company’s staff base has also increased to over 20,000 individuals.

Presently, Sheldon has full control of the company. He gained this control after Otto’s sons sold their shares to him. Sheldon, who is 81-years-old, continues to serve at the company as its chief executive officer. Despite of his age, the executive remains one of the most visionary CEOs globally. Sheldon continues to push for further expansion of the company irrespective of already having over 70 facilities under its umbrella. Particularly, he focuses on the Chinese market, as he believes it has what it takes to improve the company’s profitability margins. Besides having operations in Europe, US, and China, OSI runs its facilities in India, South America, Australia, and Philippines.

Sheldon Lavin has received several awards for his contributions at OSI Group. In 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded him with the Global Visionary Award. The executive leader is also an active contributor to various charities, including Evans Scholarship Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago.

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