Get A Secure Account

You can ensure that more of your hard earned money is working for you with a NexBank account. They allow their customers to have a personalized account that does all the work for them with FDIC insurance issued by the government. Customers never have to worry about unauthorized use of their account with 0% liability fraud protection. They have been able to proudly back their customers with assets estimated at over $40 billion dollars. They have also utilized their strong executive team to acquire a sizable $24 million dollar common equity. You can get the best of your financial institution without the fees that are usually assessed by their competitors.

NexBank Services & Features

– access your account from anywhere

– get free checks for the life of your account

– live customer support

– IRA accounts

– interest bearing accounts at 1.9% interest

Their CEO at NexBank, John Holt has put an emphasis on giving his personalized account holders special attention. Although, he says, it is very important to offer transparent services in a financial institution because it restores the trust in an unstable economy. He has also pushed this initiative to other big name financial institutions.

Their customer fanbase has crew to a nationwide audience of over 246,000+ patrons. They pride themselves in having trained and qualified IT professionals who are ready to assist you with your new or existing account at any time of the day. Their live support gives customers a personal feel to their account because you never have to handle account services with an operator. Thousands of customers are able to see their hard earned money contribute to their retirement or opening a new business. You’re invited to join the NexBank family today and choose features and services exclusive from descriptive tabs listed on their website.

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