Felipe Montoro Jens’ Views on How the Child Education Network in Rio de Janeiro can be Expanded through Public-Private Partnerships

The city of Rio de Janeiro intends to develop 40,000 pre-schools and 20,000-day care centers by 2020. The city also expects to achieve this goal under the management of its current mayor, Marcello Crivella. With the help of public-private partnerships, the city will renovate and set up learning facilities for early childhood education. Felipe Montoro Jens reported that feasibility studies on the effectiveness of PPP are currently being conducted in Rio de Janeiro.

The PPP model that is expected to be adopted in Rio de Janeiro is similar to the one applied in constructing schools in Belo Horizonte. Felipe Montoro also believes that predecessors of Marcelo Crivella previously advocated for this PPP model. Part of Crivella’s manifesto when he was campaigning for the mayoral position was to foster change in the education sector. Felipe Montoro notes that Crivella is trying to fulfill the promises he made to the residents of Rio de Janeiro.

The Contracting PPP Model

The Brazilian government passed a law on public-private contracting back in 2004. PPP was embraced in the provision of public services because of the scarcity of resources in the government’s public funds. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the PPP contracting model is only effective when private companies and public administration agencies have signed an administrative concession contract.

In reference to the PPP model, City Hall will be in charge of school lunch fees for kids and the pedagogic part of the project. On the other hand, private partners will play the role of constructing, administering and maintaining the new Early Childhood Education units. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is among the private partners enlisted for the project.

Felipe Montoro Jens believes that IFC is the perfect pick for the project since it has gained a good reputation for facilitating developments in third-world countries. The IFC, which is a distinguished member of the World Bank Group, will be responsible for the provision of consulting services. These consulting services are expected to guide the project modeling process.

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