Doug Levitt’s ‘Greyhound Diaries’ Hark Back To The Golden Age Of American Artistry

Across the majority of the world the decision to ride the bus is one that people make for ease of use and to make sure they are aiding the environment by only traveling via the use of public transport; in the U.S. the bus is often seen as a way for individuals to travel when they have no other economic choice, which is exactly what attracted artist Doug Levitt to create ‘The Greyhound Diaries‘. Levitt has embarked upon a bus riding odyssey that has seen him travel over 100,000 miles by bus as he sought to talk to everyday Americans about their struggles and how they feel they are being left behind.


At a time when the people of the U.S. are looking away from the political establishment the work of Doug Levitt as an artist seems to be more important than ever before. Doug Levitt has embarked upon a continuing journey by bus across the U.S. after becoming inspired to write songs, books, and capture photographic images that he states are inspired by the WPA federal arts programs of the 1930s that came out of The Great Depression. After two EP’s, a book, and live shows that merge spoken stories, songs, projected images, and many other media ‘The Gryehound Diaries’ do not seem to be coming to an end for Doug Levitt as he wishes to make sure the voice of a forgotten group in U.S. society have their voice heard.


Doug Levitt brings a number of his skills as a broadcaster and journalist to his role as the author and performer of ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ that came from his earlier career as a foreign correspondent with many of the world’s leading news media organizations. After attending Cornell University and the London School of Economics Doug Levitt felt he was missing out on a part of his life that was important when he returned to his first love of music while working as a journalist in London; Doug’s initial journey to create ‘The Greyhound Diaries’ was only supposed to last sex weeks, but the information he received on his first journey has inspired him to continue his American odyssey into areas of the nation largely ignored by the mainstream media.

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