Contribution of José Borghi towards Brazilian Advertising

José Borghi is a Brazilian local and born in PresidentePrudente. Today, he has become an icon within the promoting sector via forming extraordinary occasions and at the same time customizing them with brands of his clients. At first, José never thought of being in the marketing sector, but following an invitation from his relative (sister) to assist her make the right decision regarding Cannes, José Henrique Borghi was motivated by the presentations at the scene that shimmered another dream of entering the publicizing business.

He pursued his education career in marketing course at PUC-Campinas where he was more equipped with various ideas even though his monetary muscles were weak. That did not block him from getting his very first job as the editor at Standard Ogilvy. Before long, José shifted to progression of other marketing agencies whereby he continuing shining and portraying exceptional skills in the marketing sector. It’s when doing his work at Talent $ Leo Burnett that he came across Erh Ray and after exchanging ideas, they both founded an agency named as BorghiErh. Click here to know more.

During early stages of the startup, José together and his business partner, Erh had no bank or investor to finance their business but their desire to achieve greater things motivated them via the tough circumstances. And in year 2006, Lowe was touched by their effort and decided to work together with the duo thus forming another partnership organization named as Borghi Lowe. Being an equality ambassador, split his administration with Erh, the plan he presumed would make their business develop in different dimensions.

In the entire period of operation, the organization has gotten acclaims from the local and global markets and their start started shining and became the best advertisement organizations. Within the last couple of years, the association started working together with two other firms: Lowe group & Mullen Agency, thus enhancing its services even nearer to its customers.–henrique-borghi-/

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