Clay Siegall has managed to conduct research regarding cancer. As such, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics.The organization which was started by Clay Siegall and other co-founders began in 1998.He is someone who decided to venture in cancer therapies because he felt it would be essential to help those who have cancer to lead better lives.


The reason for starting Seatle Genetics was to conduct research that would assist in curbing the disease. Lead by Clay Siegall; they have a goal of conducting innovative scientific research so as to develop drugs to cure cancer.


The firm aims at helping those who have cancer. Siegall has a lot of experience and expertise from previous researchers that have helped him to develop a drug called antibody-drug conjugates. The company is approved by FDA. So as to succeed in their endeavors, they have decided to work with another company called Takeda Pharmaceuticals so as to make sure that ADCETRIS is a brand covering the whole world.


Since it began, it has been able to enter in more than 65 countries. The organization is also working on the discovery of the use of ADCs so as to treat cancer. Siegall is a doctor who is leading Seattle Genetics in acquiring of some licenses that are aimed at allowing the manufacturing as well as the distribution of ADC technology.


The firm is also successful in the selling of drugs such as AbbVie, Pfizer, Genetech, and GlaxoSmithKline. These drugs have contributed a lot towards the growth of Seatle Genetics generating more than $350 million. The technology used by the company is also used to develop more than 20 ADCs that are internally manufactured and also working with other pharmaceutical organizations.


Clay Siegall has come with strategies to develop capital that is essential for the company to secure $1.2 billion by making use of public as well as private funding. Clay has the experience of working with different pharmaceuticals before starting Seatle Genetics. It is such experience that has made him succeed in research work. He once worked for Bristol-Myers Squib which is a research institution that deals with Pharmaceuticals.

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