ClassDojo: Transforming Education


Communication is one of the key elements when it comes to educating children. Teachers, parents, and students all play key roles in the education process but oftentimes there is a disconnect. This is where ClassDojo steps in to help. ClassDojo is a communication app that was made specifically for the classroom. A simple search in the app store of any smart phone will find thousands upon thousands of educational apps focusing on math, science, history, etc. That is why ClassDojo is different.

When the topic of education is discussed, the conversation can take a variety of shapes. One of the key elements of education that is usually missing, however, is the correlation between effective communication in the classroom and the quality of education. Teachers must be able to effectively communicate with both students and parents or the process stalls. With ClassDojo, photos, videos, and messages can be sent and received throughout the day to create the ideal learning environment in any classroom.

Maybe the most overlooked relationship in the educational process is the relationship between a teacher and his/her students’ parents. A teacher is with a child for a few hours per day for 180 days per year while a parent is with their child for life. Too often in schools, parents and teachers do not work together. Teachers lack the time and medium to effectively communicate with parents while parents are only privy to their own children’s point of view. This can lead to misunderstandings and poor relationships if the two parties do not work together. This is the main strength of the ClassDojo app. ClassDojo provides an easy, quick, and constant medium for communication that the parent, teacher, and student can all utilize together. This increase in communication leads to the best environment for learning to take place.

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