Charles Koch Addresses The Unexpected Rise Of Donald Trump

Charles Koch, the person in charge of the extensive Koch Industries company, has long since been a major contributor to political causes. Normally, Charles and his brother David do not usually take steps to become involved in primaries. The unique nature of the 2016 election have the Koch brothers changing their minds. Charles Koch has been particular outspoken about the matter, and Koch has chosen to speak about what is motivating his decisions. Koch wants to stop the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

An interesting article in Vanity Fair reveals some of the history between Koch and Trump. The two actually know each other quite well. When Trump first considered running for president, he reached out to Koch for help. Koch did not agree very much at all with a number of Trump’s policies. Trump was not even invited to a donor meeting between the Koch brothers and several candidates. Trump expressed his displeasure via Twitter.

Originally, neither the Koch brothers nor the Republican National Committee took Trump’s run seriously. In one of the biggest surprises in American electoral politics, Trump gained a lot of traction early on. He still does well in the polls.

Charles Koch is publicly speaking about doing everything within his political network to derail the Trump candidacy. Koch simply does not feel Trump is good for the country, and Koch wants to do something about it. The mere fact that Koch is speaking so much to the public shows he takes the cause of stopping Trump seriously. Charles Koch runs Koch Industries and ran his donor network without seeking any media attention. This is somewhat surprising considering the size of the Kansas-based company Koch operates. Koch Industries is involved in so many different businesses across the globe.

Charles Koch did recently write a book on the subject of management principles, and he later embarked on a media tour to promote the work. He hopes to give people insight into the best ways to approach the management tasks. Koch has also invested quite a bit of time and effort raising awareness about his charitable endeavors. Through putting a spotlight on these charities, he hopes to draw the attention of others willing to help.

The Koch brothers are currently weighing their options on how to address Trump’s campaign. No one wants to get into a public feud with Trump. In time, Charles and David Koch and their donor network will arrive at a more complete plan.

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