Beauty, Fame and the Difference Between Trend and Style

There tends to be quite an obsession that many people have. The obsession tends to cover fame, beauty and style. While beauty can be achieved by almost anyone, very few people actually know how to achieve the beauty that they want in their lives. One other issue that people have is that they don’t know how to find a style. Often times, they confuse style with trends. The only issue with that is a lot of the trends and outfits that they see on models tend to get old very quickly. In order for one to achieve style, he has to opt for a more timeless look and go from there.

One person that has a great sense of style is Wendy Huang, known by her YouTube name of Wengie. She is a Chinese Australian YouTuber that runs her channel in order to talk to people about and demonstrate beauty. She also looks to ways that she can show her beauty to her followers. While she is into showing beauty to people, she is not conceited or narrow in her standards of beauty. Instead, she sees beauty in every look and person. She understands that real beauty comes from within.

Wengie does have her own sense of style. However, she is always willing to switch her style up and experiment which is what is helps gain other people’s interest as well as keep them interested in her. She doesn’t try to keep up with the latest trends. She instead finds a look that she loves and sticks with it. This is what real style is for people. People that try too hard to keep with the trends often end up with a look that is very sloppy. They often achieve the opposite effect of what they hope to achieve with their style.

When one has style, he is not so much concerned with the latest trends. Instead, he is more interested in putting together his own unique look, not because he wants desperately to stand out, but because he wants to express himself. If one finds his own look that he is satisfied with, then he could be considered stylish to an extent. He could also find a way to make it work. No style is inherently greater than another. The real sign of style is how creative the person is with his style. His purpose behind his style is also a factor in how well it works for him.