Gyrocopter Pilot Faces Serious Felony Charges

Doug Hughes is the 61 year old man who was allegedly responsible for flying a gyrocopter onto the lawn of the Capitol a couple of months ago. Hughes flew his aircraft onto the federal grounds in order to get his point across by delivering a large amount of letter from people who agree that the super PACs politicians use should be against the law.

However, a federal grand jury has now also got their point across by indicting Hughes on six counts, which could led to nearly a decade behind bars if he is convicted. The area in which he flew his gyrocopter was a strictly prohibited no-fly zone. Also, Hughes did not have the proper certification to fly his aircraft. Both of the charges listed above are felony charges.

Hughes is also facing a number of misdemeanor charges such as “Violation of national defense airspace” and “operating a vehicle falsely labeled as a postal carrier”. Upon landing the aircraft on the Capitol’s west lawn, Hughes was immediately arrested but was then released at his first court appearance. Apparently, Bruce Levenson said he was aware of the risk he was taking, “I simply hope by putting my freedom on the line, others might realize how precious their freedom is and join those of us engaged in this fight to preserve and protect our government of, by and for the people,” Hughes wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.