Image Recognition Connects The Digital and Physical Worlds

The digital world strives to enhance your encounters in the physical world. Say you are scouring through vacation pictures and want to learn a name of a secluded spot that you visited. You can now upload the picture to see if there are any matches that can reveal further information about your coveted spot. Perhaps you are looking for a piece of furniture to add to your living room. When you are visiting your friend’s house, you see that they have the perfect loveseat that would compliment your living room. Snap a picture and image recognition technology can reveal the furniture model and where to purchase it. As image technology is further developed, we can unlock a vast array of possibilities.

Slyce, an image recognition technology industry leader, revolutionizes the way consumers interact with retailers. The world itself can be transformed into a living, breathing catalogue. Sometimes you might see the perfect shoe on the subway but feel awkward about asking the owner where they bought it. Now, you can just discretely take a picture and image recognition technology can identify the image so that you can seamlessly purchase the item. Customers no longer have to worry about snapping QR codes or barcodes. More people are shopping online than ever before. In fact e-commerce has grown from 15% of sales in 2013 to 18% of sales in 2014. Sales are counting to grow. The possibilities revealed by visual product searches can connect customers to retailers instantaneously. Online retailers and businesses can benefit greatly from image recognition technology. Businesses that partner with Slyce clearly have an advantage in elevating their online visibility. Greater business visibility drives consumer traffic and increases sales.

The science of image recognition technology is fascinating. An application is designed to search for geometric reference points. These points are then translated into an algorithm of numbers. An application can store this information for reference purposes. This information is utilized for further mapping that is utilized fir image identification and image recognition.

Technology has the power to transform the way that we interact with the world. There is no reason that the digital world and physical world should be at odds with each other. Instead, the digital world can educate and connect us to the experiences that we have in the physical world. Image recognition technology can empower and inform the way that we interact with the world.