Zika Virus Causes Changes in the Travel Plans of Many According to Dr. Sergio Cortes

The recent epidemic outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil has become a major cause of alarm among citizens, health and government officials, and travelers alike. Brazil is a major tourist country, with a large percentage of revenue coming in annually from destination areas like Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has always been an attractive country to visit with its beautiful ocean views and relaxing tropical environment. It is especially attractive to visitors because of its year round warm weather. Brazil is considered one of the best vacation countries in the World. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes’s recent review of the Zika virus’ outbreak in Brazil and other countries, however, the disease has had a major impact on the revenue the country brings in from tourism. The CDC and the World Health Organization recently issued a warning to travelers, advising them not to travel to places like Brazil or Asia if they are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. The warning also advised travelers to use extreme caution when visiting these places because they were known hot spots for the Zika virus.

Although these warning to travelers are necessary to help avoid the spread of the virus from infected countries to new ones, the warnings and the news about the Zika virus in general has obviously had a sour impact on tourism in Brazil. While this is to be expected, it comes at a time when Brazil needs an economic jolt and is experiencing a terrible recession. Travel to Brazil has decreased at a rapid rate, making the recession in Brazil last even longer. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, the health care climate in Brazil has become increasingly panicked because of the epidemic of the Zika virus.

While the virus was on manageable and mild, it has now become a major source of concern and panic due to the fact that it has been shown to be the cause of certain neurological diseases in infants and can lead to paralysis or even death. With the virus’ elevation to a serious disease with significant repercussions, it is no wonder that citizens are being advised to stay away from the area. Even with the summer olympics vastly approaching, Brazil may not see its usual enormous crowds due to the wide news coverage of the virus and the descriptions of its effects. The specific danger presented to pregnant women and women trying to conceive by the virus may bring a halt to many family vacations during the year. Health and government officials, however, have assured travelers that during the traditional summer months around the world (the largest vacation period in Brazil) it will be the dry, winter season in Brazil and the mosquito population will significantly decrease causing vacations to be more practical and safe. The original article about the Zika virus was published on Dr. Sergio Cortes’ official website.