Reliability and Safety through Technology

When flooding becomes a problem in your area you need to locate your family members and move to a safer location. For many individuals this sort of feat is not a difficult one; it may require some time for organization and planning, but it is completely doable. For individuals who are currently incarcerated in the United States prison system, the same forms of safety amenities are not as readily available. Such a disastrous situation has arisen in the state of Louisiana, as floods are on the rise and people are fleeing their homes. Family members of inmates desire a way to communicate with them in order to make sure that they remain safe, and Securus Technologies is giving them the opportunity to do just that by providing to them free calling service during this period of strife.



Securus Technologies is a communication company that places its focus on developing products that can better serve inmates and their loved ones. Mobile applications are available by the company that produce high quality video calling technology with a reliable and easy to use interface that anyone can take advantage of. These products normally charge calling fees depending on location, but Securus is now offering the ability for Louisiana customers to call their inmate family members at no cost.


Peace of Mind is being generated by this deal, and not only can family members be connected even in the presence of disaster, they can do so knowing that there is a communications company that represents them as important patrons.