Lingerie Store Honey Birdette’s Plans for the UK

Honey Birdette boutique founded in 2006 sells leading lingerie wears that are trendy and attractive. The company’s objective is to make the client look good and happy in the bedroom. They have the most beautiful toys and lingerie. The products that they offer are of high quality fitting the needs of the partners in love. Ordered goods can be wrapped as gifts.

Lately, the company is having great plans for retail the clothes in the UK. They have come developed a site, a US e-commerce site that will take care of the needs of the people in the UK. In the end, more than 40 stores will be opened by 2018. Eloise Monaghan is the owner and is based in Brisbane. The sales got a big boost in the US of 374% in the last one year. The platform enables customers to feel free ordering lingerie. It ensures that the delivery is fast and in the case of the wrong shipment they will be returned without delay. There is a broad range of products sold on the site and clients will be spoilt for choice.

The Honey Birdette is mainly targeting the US and UK market. They had earlier last year opened a branch in Australia at the London’s Covent Garden and then other two branches in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City.

In the pipeline is more ten offices that are going to be opened in the UK at Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds and Westfield Stratford. Back at Home, Australia the company is proud to have 55 branch stores, and they are planning to open the more stores in the UK. The stores are going to be more premium with Platinum services for the consumers of their lingerie.

The Premium label will price products at around 35 Euros for briefs and 60 Euros for their bras. Their backup is done by BBRC.

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The Success of James Dondero

Of the many financial experts within the world of finance, one individual sticks out for not only his ingenuity and his ability to come up with unique solutions for his clients, but also for his generosity and his desire to not only help his clients, but also his necessity to help those who have not been so fortunate in their lives. This individual is James Dondero, an individual who is known for his ability to come up with unique financial solutions for each of his clients that are tailored to their specific necessity and their desire for the end results of the investments. James Dondero is the President as well as the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, a financial firm that is not only sought out by the private sector, but is also highly sought after by the public sector. James Dondero guarantees a high yield of return upon investment as well as a low risk that is involved in his investments.


James Dondero is not only a successful and generous individual within the world of business, but is also a successful  generous individual who believes in giving back to his community of Dallas, a community that has been focused on one cause in particular. In recent news, James Dondero and his employees have pushed to give $1 million of a challenge grant that will officially end a campaign that has been created in order to put a stop to family violence. This campaign ended with over $16.5 million raised in capital campaign.


This campaign was initiated by The Family Place, an organization that is truly dedicated to making sure that violence ends among family members in the Dallas community. The donation from Highland Capital Management firm was not only much appreciated, but also encouraged many donation from other individuals within the community. James Dondero of his firm believes that his firm should not only be actively involved within the world of finance, but should also be actively involved in the community and should try their hardest to make the community a better and growing place to reside in .

Venture Capital Now Finding a Home in Europe

For years now, the U.S and Asia have enjoyed the lion’s share of venture capital. All this is beginning to change. Investors have started turning to the European market with the aim of striking big money there.

Tech giants are looking for promising tech outfits dealing with data mapping, game development, cloud software creation and mobile payments. This search is happening in Western Europe. But what is attracting investors to this market?

It is a known fact that Europe does not particularly have game-changing innovation. Investors are however taking advantage of the cheaper cost of startups in Europe. Large companies are moving there with the aim of capitalizing on the available pool of well-educated and talented individuals, all at a lower cost than in the U.S.

Realizing the need for scaling up and growing their startups to a global status, European startups are in search of American funding to facilitate this. The investment the region is receiving is a large boost to the startups. More and more American investors are expressing interest in the European market.

Among them is John Somorjai, the man in charge of running Salesforce Ventures. In October, John made the announcement of a $100 million commitment to the European region. He expressed optimism as more innovation is coming out of Europe. He also pointed out the much interest from various companies in the region.

Over the years, European startups have been focusing on local and regional markets. This has made scaling up a very slow process. It also takes the startups many years to hit 100 million euros in sales. This is a process that venture capitalists say should take only five years.

However, despite all the optimism, some firms are still finding it challenging to survive in the current conditions. This is evidenced by firms like Deezers, which had to postpone its IPO, owing to market volatility.

Highland Capital Management is a world-class venture capital firm, delivering excellence in the products it offers. Since being founded in 1993, the firm has enjoyed unrivaled success in the management of funds, most of which have won awards.

James Dondero is the man who leads Highland Capital Management. Jim serves as the company president and is also among the co-founders of the firm. Jim has over 30 years in credit and equity markets under his belt.

Jim undertook graduated from the University of Virginia, going on to graduate with the highest honors. His career has been and continues to be a successful one.

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Computer Sciences Corporation And Eric Pulier: Innovations For The Future

The Computer Sciences Corporation entered the field of IT technology early. Originally founded in April of 1959, the firm first provided programming tools to groups in need of them. By the 60’s they were providing writing services to some of ITs first major manufacturers such as IBM and Honeywell. Through the years, the company would do well for itself.

Today it’s an American Multinational Corporation. It provides IT services and professional services to those requiring them. The firm is currently headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. It’s thought to have over 73,000 employees working in over 70 countries. In September 2009, CSC would become the major hardware vendor independent IT service provider with an operation still in the US.

Today CSC works closely with the government in the US. Some of its clients include various departments of the US Federal government as well as the government found at the state and local levels. They also work with non-government agencies. They have been on the Fortune 500 list since 1995. CSC ranked 185 in 2014.

They have three main service lines. The first is in the North America Public Sector (NPS). CSC remains one of the major IT suppliers for the US Federal Government since 1961. Some of these departments include US Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, NASA and law enforcement. Their second line of service is in the area of managed services. Finally, it also provides for business solutions and services.

To remain at the top firms such as CSC must stay inventive, always searching for the next big step in the area of IT. In order to do so they must also use only the most innovative staff that they can. That indeed happened when Eric Pulier was made CEO.

Eric Pulier is a well-known entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist based in LA. Mr. Pulier was raised in Teaneck New Jersey and by fourth grade he had begun to write his first code. By high school, he had created a database service. From there he began to study at Harvard.

He would soon begin to create software that would benefit others. In 1991, he had founded People Doing Things. A company dedicated to health care, and education as well as other issues through the use of technology.It is hoped that Mr. Pulier will bring even more innovations to a field that is rapidly expanding and changing.

Corporate Finance Shows Firm’s Value, Money Management Abilities

Finance is an area of importance for just about everything, especially a business organization. Businesses are focused on corporate finance, which emphasizes a firm’s funding sources and its capital structure, as well as what its managers do in order to help the business become stronger and earn more profits, thereby adding to the total value of the company.

Corporate finance additionally includes the company’s worth, along with the stocks it invests in and the management of those investments. It also involves how the business earns its profits and that area can involve its strategies for things like equity in the company, and its debt financing, etc.

Corporate Finance Requires Competent Finance Specialists

When it comes to making sure a company’s corporate financial issues are kept in good shape, it requires hiring a good competent financial specialist like Brian Bonar. Bonar has worked in finance for more than three decades and has been the CEO and chairman of Trucept, Inc. ever since March 2010.

He was also elected into the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance because of his expertise and accomplishments in finance, as well as his leadership skills and academic accomplishments. Besides being in a financial position and the CEO of Trucept, Bonar has also been the President and CEO of Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., as well as the Co-President of Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.

Additionally, he has been the Chairman and CEO of the Amanda Co., Inc., as well as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp. He has also worked at the American Management Services LLC at its Founder, and the Chairman and the CEO of Warning Management Services, Inc., as well as Chairman and CEO of Solvis Group, Inc., and the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Bezier Systems, Inc.

Plus he was at one time the Manager of Worldwide Sales at Adaptec, Inc., as well as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rastek Corp., as well as the Executive Director of Engineering at QMS, Inc.

He has an MBA and a doctorate from Staffordshire University, as well as an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde.

All in all, one can show that Brian Bonar is an experienced financial expert in corporate finance, as well as being an aid in many of the above companies. Through his degrees and work at the above companies, he has shown that it takes a financial expert to ensure that a business and its financial state is kept in shape and guided to grow and prosper. So, any company that wants to prosper and do well needs to take heed to people like Brian Bonar and acknowledge that in the world of finance, experts help to keep their companies in shape.

Brian Bonar a Masterful Financial Planner

The financial services industry in the US has had its great share of highly competent financial executives one of which is Brian Bonar. He has had a hand in the success of huge multinational companies such as IBM in other parts of the world as well. His resume is in essence awash with his remarkable exploits as an experienced and able financial executive since he earned his first bachelors degree from the James Watt Technical College and later, successfully completed a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Stafford University. Many financial pundits argue that his great exploits in the world’s financial services industry are because of this rich technical education background.

Brian Bonar has indeed worked with many organizations and his many adaptable skills and personal competencies. These have seen him rise to one of the most respected executive within the national US circles as well as in the international financial services industry. Some of Bonar’s initial exploits include his successes as procurement manager with IBM. This was before leapfrogging many other executives to be QMS’s Director of Engineering in a company where he managed a workforce of more than 100 men and women. At the same time, he worked as sales manager for a company known as Adaptec. Soon After, he ventured into his own startup known as Bezier Systems where he employed his prior experiences and later, worked for a number of other successful companies. His greatest successes began falling into place after he realized a great amount of financial success as the director of the Dalrada Financial Corporation. He also served as the Chairman of the Board for Dalrada.

Brian Bonar currently holds numerous positions with Trucept Inc. He is this company’s treasurer, CEO, president, CFO as well as secretary and is said to have realized quite a tidy sum as salary or his great exploits. His executive compensation totaled 360,000 dollars in 2012 as much as he did not receive other forms of remuneration. According to credible sources, Brian Bonar was able to realize more than half a million dollars as compensation from other investments.

He is well versed in mergers and acquisitions, which have seen him be elected to the board of numerous companies over the years. Brian Bonar has a very creative and more so, personable approach to life challenges. He has been accredited as having the ability to combine the technical skills and expertise of an excellent engineer with the creative intuition of an architect. In 2000, he was recognized as the year’s Who is Who in the US. He is an avid golfer, enjoys boating excursions and loves spending time with his immediate family.

Success In Technology: Brian Bonar Views

Brian Bonar wrote a resume which according to him features on several successes that have come up in the technology and business management. He has looked into the development and growth that he has brought into business management where very few people have registered such kind of success. Being the CEO of Trysep, which is an international body, he is rightfully supposed to hold that post since he is a graduate from the university of Strathclyde in Scotland in Mechanical Engineering. After attaining this bachelors degree he decided to proceed with his master and PHD which he got from the a University in the United Kingdom. Because of his good work he was recognized by Wlicreck and they gave him a degree which is honorary and his title became Lord.

Trucept’s was not there previously, it was Smart Tek solutions that changed to Trycept. The key reason that led to the formation of this company was to deal with the rising complications experienced by human resource managers. They decided to come up with software that could tackle all the problems that related to the to HRM. Services that are needed by clients, compliance approval and many other HR related tasks are all incorporated in the software. He is also the President at trade show products. Success has been felt and seen under the leadership of Bonar in every company that he has led.

He is very committed to his work, hardworking and always does his duties for the well being of the company. This character of being a good leader and manager has made him to be known by several people in the world. His approach on business has portrayed a lot of innovations which have brought a lot of success in the companies he is leading. He is a gifted person and all his methods of leadership in business undertaking have yielded good returns for his businesses. Out of his innovations and managerial knowledge he has also decided to follow his passion of owning restaurants. This was brought about by the fact that he had been having passion when it comes to fine dining.

For a business to do well, it must have a good name and this was very well known to Bonar since he decided to employ people who are very qualified. He decided to hire a chef who has been worn awards for his good work as a chef. Bellamy is one of the restaurants he owns. This not enough he has also started a transport company that whose main venture is outsourcing.

How QNet Shifted Its Production Base To India

QNet is a global company well known for its top-notch multi-level marketing approach and exquisite products. As of May 2013, the company was planning to shift its entire production to India. Since the company has already started producing some items like watches and its energy drink in India, it was confident that by changing the location, it would tremendously increase production. By shifting its production base, the company was confident that it would get a cost boost of up to 12 percent. By that time, the company has experienced tremendous growth from revenue generated from all production from India that was launched a year earlier.

QNet manufactures a wide range of products ranging from health and wellness, nutrition as well as Swiss-made jewelry and watches. Initially started in South East Asia, the company has managed to penetrate in over 100 countries in different regions like North and African region, the Middle East, Central Asia and West Africa. By the time it was shifting all its manufacturing bases in India, it had more than a dozen bases that were located in different places in the world, and it was using franchises for production and distribution purposes. The company also has unique services related to online learning and vacation packages.

The move was expected to improve for both the company and the citizens. The company had an exclusive deal in which any citizen who felt that he/she had a unique product or service was supposed to present it to the company and given it passed the company’s stringent tests, it would get incorporated into the incredible portfolio. Three years prior, the company decided to turn around its marketing strategy by maintaining focus on particular niches as opposed to having products for all niches that were not being given the required attention. The shift saw QNet start incorporating weight management products, water purification and air purification products as well.

The company has also made a big achievements in matters related to PR and philanthropy. As of 2014, it signed a three-year partnership with Barclays’ Premier League Champions Manchester City to become its official direct selling partner. On its part, QNet was set to have access to the club’s royal experiences that included player greets and meets which it planned to use as part of its reward incentives for best performing representatives.

On its part, the club was quick to point out that it had similar characteristics as with QNet having started humbly and eventually getting on top of the ladder. The partnership to improve on football standards by providing training opportunities and coaching clinics. It is no doubt that QNet has and will continue being on the front line when all matters related to making unique products and exquisite services are concerned.

The Art Of Art Collecting For Profit

Art collecting is an art, a science, and a reflection of the collector’s personality. As an art, art collecting serves as a backdrop to rooms, homes, and businesses. As a science, art collecting is an analysis of value and the projection that, in the future, the value will increase. Art collection can be a gamble for those who have not followed the world of art. It is a different world, filled with nuances that only a true connoisseur can appreciate.

Art is one of those required subjects for any lower-division college student. Appreciating art and its reflection of society are a sign of a well-rounded individual who is capable of looking at the world, its meanings, its changes, and its complications.

Art collectors tend to gravitate toward one interest or another. Some go for the classics, investing considerable sums for the privilege of hanging a recognized piece by a recognized master for the purpose of personal satisfaction. Some look at art as a definition of a given era and collect art only from artists who plied their passion during that time. Other art collectors collect art as an investment, counting on the art increasing in value over the years. The collector who purchases with an eye toward future profit is taking a gamble. There are many successes and many failures in this approach to collecting art.

Adam Sender is one of the few. He is the one art collector who has repeatedly succeeded in choosing the correct piece from the correct artist at the correct time. The end result of these successes will be a considerable profit. Over the last twenty years, Adam Sender has specialized in finding art by artists that are on the verge of success. This practice of purchasing art from artists with a burgeoning career is paying off magnificently.

At an astonishing age of only 45, Adam Sender has acquired a virtual treasure-trove of work. He has specialized in acquiring the best works from the best contemporary artists around. His collection reflects his inner-self. It is not a hodge-podge of art, it is a collection that is rich with reflection and personal in touch. This rich and personal vision will be available for view by the world beginning in May and extending through the next year at Sotheby’s. Adam Sender has joined with Sotheby to auction over 400 works by 139 artists.

Some of those pieces that will be auctioned are the works of such important contemporary artists as Keith Haring, Martin Kippenberger, and Dan Flavin. Several incredible pieces by artists Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince, the artistic definers of an era, will be presented. These are pieces of art that were created before the fame of the respective artist took place. Serious pieces from younger artists like Adam McEwen, Rashid Johnson, and Lucien Smith will also be auctioned. These artists are just realizing a success in the world of art and are indicative of the vision of Adam Sender. The layers shown in the collection are the same layers found in the human experience. Such collections should not exist. Only in the world and vision of Adam Sender can such acquisitions, acquisitions with purpose and design, acquisitions that define an era, be possible.

The Business and Charitable Endeavors of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier wears three hats in this life. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an author. Even merely skimming his achievements would reveal a host of amazing accomplishments. Over the course of his professional career, Eric Pulier founded 15 companies, an impressive feat to say the least. A number of these companies are in the technology and media industries. Most impressive is his ability to raise money for the companies. Entrepreneurs have to acquire funding when their ventures are large in scope. Pulier was able to raise millions upon millions of dollars to get these companies off the ground. As a result, he achieved an impressive – if not stunning – legacy in his chosen field.

Born and raised in Teaneck, NJ, Pulier first developed an interest in computer programming when he was in the forth grade. His first professional endeavor in running a company was when he started a database computer business while still in High School. He entered college at Harvard University, but not in a technology related field of study. He was an English and American literature major, but he did continue his study of the sciences at MIT.

After graduating from Harvard, Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and founded People Doing Things (PDT), an innovative technology company that focused on healthcare and education. In 1994, made a big impact in the interactive media industry by founding Digital Evolution.

Pulier has given back to society in numerous ways. His charitable and philanthropic endeavors include donating to numerous charities and he maintains a lifelong commitment to helping out chronically ill children. Pulier is a member of the high-profile Clinton Global Initiative, a philanthropic organization that involves former President Bill Clinton.

Pulier is actively engaged as a public speaker and author who covers numerous topics related to his business and philanthropic endeavors.