Longest Serving Death Row Inmate Exonerated after 30 Years But Denied Compensation

Glenn Ford has been on Louisiana’s death row since 1984, earning him the title of the longest serving person on death row in the United States. Last March however, 65-year old Ford saw the outside of prison for the first time in 30 years when new evidence about his case was presented, and he was exonerated of the crimes he was previously found guilty of. Armed with only $20 and two boxes containing everything he owned in life, Ford was sent on his way.

Ford was accused of robbing and murdering local watch dealer Isadore Rozeman in 1983. With no murder weapon or eyewitnesses, Fords association with Rozeman was that he performed lawn work for the man. In any case, Terra.com reports that the all-white jury, which the prosecutor made sure that it would be, found Ford guilty and handed down a death sentence.

Marty Stroud, the prosecutor responsible for Ford’s unjust trail in 1984, now apologizes to Ford via a letter to the Shreveport Times editor. Acknowledging his shortcomings and lack of fairness to Ford in the original trial, Stroud said, “I was not as interested in justice as I was in winning. I apologize to Glenn Ford for all the misery I have caused him and his family.” Stroud may now feel remorse for his then less than honorable actions, but this is no consolation for Ford after he has lost 30-years of his life.

For his wrongful incarceration, Ford is entitled to $330,000 from the state of Louisiana. However, the judge assigned to Ford’s petition for the money has denied payment. Ford is a wrongfully convicted man who was thrown away for 30-years. Now that he has been proven innocent, the state of Louisiana refuses to acknowledge their error and pay him the less than adequate amount that he has a right to.