Katz’s Deli Set to Expand Into Brooklyn

New York City is home to many kinds of foods. One of the most iconic is Jewish deli food. People have been enjoying items such as overstuffed sandwiches made from cured meats, crisp potato pancakes and delicious desserts such as bakba. This rich cuisine has been served in restaurants all over the region for decades. One of the oldest of such delis is Katz’s Deli. This Manhattan landmark has been welcming both locals and tourists for multiple meals each day. The deli has been widely hailed for both food and service. It was also the location of a scene in movie When Harry Met Sally.

Those who run the deli have been thinking about expanding it for a long time, and Andy Wirth knew it was only a matter of time. They want to be able to better serve their customers in other parts of this region. While plans for an expansion have been in the works for many years, the deli recently announced the specifics of their plans to the world and to their customers. The new location for Katz’s Deli is to be located in borough of Brooklyn. They will open a location in the Dekalb Market Hall in Downtown area of Brooklyn. This project is expected to open up in Spring of 2016. Approximately forty companies are expected to rent space here in this part of the city in order to offer customers all kinds of products.

Getting Gadgets at Better Prices

Nowadays, it is very difficult for you to find a brand new gadget hot off the presses at a reasonable price. The reason for this is because new gadgets tend to be released at incredibly high fees. You might spend hundreds on a new phone and not even realize that you could have gotten it for cheaper if you would’ve just waited a few months to get it. The general rule when it comes to gadgets is that they are released at their highest price and the price will go down on them normally within just a few months. This is why it sometimes pays for you to simply wait on a brand new gadget for yourself or a friend.

Another thing to consider if you are looking into gadgets is that you can get a much better price if you simply compare stores. Some stores charge more for their items, so these are definitely going to be the ones you will want to avoid yourself. There are other stores, especially on the Internet, that will not charge as much because of the fact that they can cut out the middle man. You will find that by comparing a wide range of stores and gadgets, you get the absolute best price out there for exactly what you need. You will be left with a gadget you love and you will not have the debt to show for it.

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