Tech Entrepreneur & Mogul Eric Pulier

The technological field of work has grown into one of the most progressive and profitable industries in modern times. This industry is rather exclusive, but it’s also demanding. Many of today’s hottest technologies have some form of advanced technology built right in. This includes smartphones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment.

Technologist, Eric Pulier is one of the most important figures in this line of work. His passion is very deep, and his solutions are priceless. Though you may not have ever heard of his name, this guy has probably touched the lives of millions of people indirectly.


Eric Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey. As a youngster, he would always seem to ask all of the right questions. His inquisitive nature plays a critical role in how successful he has become. The guy has literally attended two of America’s most prestigious higher learning institutions. MIT and Harvard University was his stomping grounds back in the 1980s. Pulier worked as a student journalist for the Harvard Crimson publication. His column, “Pulier’s Leg,” was very popular among the student body. He just so happened to be the Harvard Crimson’s editor. Of course, Pulier fine-tuned his technological craft at MIT. In 1988, he would go on to graduate magna cum laude.

Eric Pulier has always been a firm believer of serving the needs of humanity and many of his founded companies does exactly that. Technology-based solutions was the name of the game, and he most definitely specialized in it to the fullest. He has envisioned a world to where humanity and technology works hand-to-hand. As of today, this idea rings true on many different levels. “Innovations and technology will improve the world”, said Pulier. He believes so firmly in this idea to where he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into tech startup companies. Many of these very companies have gone on to become a huge success. Eric Pulier is leading by example, and he has laid out a successful blueprint to follow.

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Eric Pulier’s Focus on Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

The technology industry is one of the fastest moving business sectors on the entire planet. Every single day something new is coming to market and with it a tremendous change in how the industry is shaped. You can imagine that this would be a tough industry to break into, particularly if you were attempting to do it solo as an entrepreneur. Eric Pulier has been making a career out of the tech industry since the early ’90s. He opened up about a few of the things that have made him successful over the years and they are definitely worth paying close attention to.

Establishing a company is a tough task, establishing several over the course of your career is even tougher. For Eric Pulier to be able to do this successfully he had to stick to the core concepts that made Eric Pulier successful to begin with. That primary concept was his focus on planning and his willingness to reach out and help those less fortunate. A big part of Pulier’s professional career has actually overlapped with his philanthropic career.

Eric Pulier is the founder of the XPrize Foundation, a company focused on bringing opportunity to those enthusiastic young developers who have ideas that can one day change the world. Pulier has also worked consistently with the Painted Turtle summer camp and the Starlight World. Painted Turtle is a summer camp for children who suffer from chronic illness. The camp serves as a getaway where these children can connect, get away from their problems for a little bit, and also find aid from people who can help them. The Starlight World is an online social network for the same children that use that camp. Children with chronic illness can connect in a safe space over chats and blog postings.

As an entrepreneur Eric Pulier has focused on investing his time and energy into companies that seek to push the limit of tech. One of Pulier’s most successful enterprises was Digital Evolution which merged with US Interactive LLC. Pulier is now focused on his mobile company, vAtomic Systems, which serves to brings digital goods into the real world.

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The Success of Eric Pulier

When it comes to being a true inspiration and the ideal model to idolize, Eric Pulier should be at the top of the list. Eric Pulier is a jack of all trades in the business world as he is known as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and author. He embodies the tile “self made man” thanks to his many successful endeavors. Eric Pulier has always seem to have the ability to create things as well as find solutions. In the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer and by high school, Pulier had founded a computer database company. Even from a young the ambition and drive was there. In 1984 the kid from Teaneck, New Jersey started his higher learning career at the prestigious Harvard University. He majored in American and English Literature as well as wrote columns for The Harvard Crimson Publication. Beside being a writer, Pulier was also the editor and he still found time to attend classes at neighboring (MIT) In 1988 he graduated magna cum laude, but he’d soon be moving across country to start his business career.

Eric Pulier hit the L.A. scene in 1991 and soon there after he founded his first company on the West Coast named (PDT) People Doing Things. This company used advanced technology to help solve issues in the fields of education and healthcare. Being such pro reactive he his desire for more caused him to create many more jobs such as the Interactive Agency known as Digital Evolution as well as Starbright World. Starbright World was a private social media platform that was designed just for chronically ill children. It gave them a way to communicate and make new friends (via) chat and blog. Being such a natural philanthropist at heart he decided to start donating to non-profit charities such as “The Painted Turtle” camp for kids and “X-Prize Foundation” which helped to solve any of humanities toughest issues.

Eric Pulier has done many more things throughout his life by working in government, technology, and education, but his most prized position is that of a loving father of four.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is a philanthropic organization specializing in areas of anesthesia. The company was founded in 1973. Since its establishment, Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) has developed to be among the leading companies working independently as physicians in provision of anesthetic care services nationwide.

The company boasts a clinical staff that is made up of over one hundred and thirty highly trained Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), and eighty physicians (MDs). Moreover, CAA has dedicated administrative staff who support patients during the billing process in regards to anesthesia and insurance. CAA goal is to ensure that all their patients are served with the best quality anesthesia care.

CAA works exclusively in providing anesthesia care services throughout the Austin area in more than twenty medical facilities. These services are provided in a few high-acuity hospitals, Level 1 Trauma Centers, and various ambulatory surgery centers based in Austin. Physicians working in CAA are accredited by the American Board of Anesthesiology. These physicians have finished advanced training on areas of specialization being pediatric, cardiothoracic, and obstetric anesthesiology.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is devoted to clinical excellence which is well demonstrated in all its aspects of the provision of the best anesthesia care to its patients. Nurses working in CAA, on the other hand, supports anesthesiologists in the provision of a comfortable and safe anesthesia experience.

CAA is an active partner of the Anesthesia Quality Institute providing anesthesia care services in the following classifications: Regional Anesthesia, General Anesthesia, and Local/ Monitored Anesthesia Care. CAA office is based in Austin at 3705 Medical Parkway, Suite 570, TX 78705.

Talk Fusion Allows 30-Day Free Trial to Users


Talk Fusion recently announced the launch of their 30-day free trial in over 140 countries and 9 different languages. Talk Fusion is the world’s first video marketing solution that offers video products for businesses, charities, and individuals. With this free trial, prospective users will be able to try out all the products completely risk-free and no credit card required. All you would need to sign up is your name and email address. Talk Fusion is proud to offer these video products to potential customers in order to give them the opportunity to see how effective these products really are towards their business.

Once users are signed up, they can begin testing these video marketing products for themselves. Talk Fusion offers products such as Video Chat, Video Email, Live Meetings, and Video Newsletters. Their newest product, WebRTC, allows users to have high-quality flawless synchronization in their videos. With these products, you will quickly see how effective they can be for your business. Talk Fusion’s products are user friendly, affordable, and are compatible with all mobile devices. When you sign up for the free trial, you will have full access to all of these great products as well as video product tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you on your way to success.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, wanted to create products that will help people get real results. He wants to see your business succeed and have an increase in sales. With Talk Fusion’s products, Bob guarantees you will see your sales skyrocket in no time and have many repeat customers. Bob wanted to create these products with the customer in mind, which is why they are so easy to use. He does not want to see you struggle, but instead to move forward in your business adventures.

Bob also believes in the power of giving back, whether that is to friends and family, communities, or animal shelters. He hopes that this message of giving back reflects in Talk Fusion’s products. By providing these products to users, Bob believes you will be able to better communicate with your customers and allow for more business relationships to help your company blossom.



TalkFusion’s CEO Bob Reina is taking over the communication industry


One of the greatest struggles across business owners alike is actually BRINGING IN the business. The more people that you can stay in contact with, the more customers you will end up having repeatedly. It is the exact same reason why people spend so much time keeping up with their advertising, via preparing and sending out newsletters, blogging, chatting with their subscribers, and much more. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was a simple way to do everything from one, glorified, easy-to-use platform? After all, having to track down all of the different tools necessary can be a task that no one even knows how to do in the first place!

TalkFusion is such an applicable solution, because the company has been built to work with just about anyone’s agenda. No matter what size business, you can take advantage of all the tools and information they offer, continually attracting both new and repeat business while GETTING PAID just to share all of the perks with others. There are so many people in the world who could effectively use TalkFusion, making a full-time income at the exact same time. In fact, the TalkFusion opportunity is best advertised with its own strategies, since video advertising is easily one of the most effective ways to reach interested parties. It is probably one of the many reasons that YouTube became as popular as it did, rapidly growing in to the world’s #1 resource for anything video material. The thing is, there is a certain level of professionalism and creativity that is dropped when using YouTube as a place to store media.

Because it gets so buried — how is anyone supposed to see your message? In what way are you actually sending out the words or information that you are trying to get people to hear? That’s exactly how TalkFusion can help you pick up your marketing game. Digital marketing is one of those things that is easy to flounder with — however, with TalkFusion, everything becomes a few simple clicks of a button.

Coriant and Their Plans For The Future

Coriant decided they needed someone who could help their company grow and make their company stronger so the chose Shaygan Kheradpir. He was hand picked to be the Chief Executive Officer as well as to Chairman of the Board at Coriant. He was chosen for this position because of his vast experience-almost thirty years-in the business world in Operations, his Strategy and Business Planning, as well as his technology experience. He was in an executive position at Marlin Equity Partners, which is connected to Coriant, before joining Coriant. The company hopes to take full advantage of his talents to expand their market into the transportation industry using apps involved in local and long haul transporting, large weight measuring of transportation vehicles, optical, and building cloud storage and use as well as GB speed. They are doing business with some of the largest corporations in the business world who have offices all over the world. We will be able to grow our customer base exponentially as we offer newer and better applications, technology, and programming.

Since being made aware of the company’s top-notch, high-tech data networking, their cloud driving projects and their growing advances in customer service and the people who hold those positions, he decided he wanted to come on board. His immediate goal is to bring the company to an all-time high level of offering the newest and best advances in technology, the workings of networks and technology, as well as how they treat their customers. He also wants to bring their customers cost-effective networking and still offer the best in service with answers to their technological needs. Mr. Shaygan rose to the top of the company when he first started his career at GTE then later became Verizon. He was an intricate part of developing Fios which cost over twenty billion to make and implement. He has his Doctorate in Engineering from Cornell University. He was a part of their council on engineering.

Corinth is a company that offers high-end network applications to networking companies all over the world. These companies are the top in the world of communication providers, iCloud space providers, and work with most all the government departments and make billions of dollars a year from their services. They were created from their parent company Marlin Equity Partners by bringing together Nokia Siemens, Sycamore Network, Optical Network and Tellabs. They have won awards for the services they provide and hold the rights for close to 2000 patents, and hold the record for sending the most information through fiber optic transmission and other records in their industry.

Those Who Want To Be Safe Online Need To Listen To Darius Fisher

While most people may not feel too sorry for those who were on the Ashley Madison website and were hacked on it, Status Labs had offered them free advice. Status Labs doesn’t condone what they have done, but the company believes that they deserve a second chance. And, the company believes that it is only a matter of time before everyone is hacked in one way or another. Some big companies, and even the government, have been hacked before, and the president of Status Labs feels that he is doing the right thing in helping out those who were on the Ashley Madison site and were hacked.
Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, and he has been doing good work for the company for awhile. He knows a lot about online reputation management, and he is always there and willing to help someone out when they need it. He knows a lot about protecting oneself online, and he knows a lot about stopping a crisis from happening when one does get hacked. He believes that the best way to have a good reputation online is to make sure that one never gets a bad reputation online to begin with. He believes that it is important for businesses and individuals alike to keep track of all that is said about them online, so that they can be prepared for anything to happen.
Darius Fisher has been able to help out a lot of people through the years, thanks to his smarts when it comes to online reputation management, and now he is helping out those who have been hacked, again. He cares about what happens to people online, and he wants to make sure that everyone is always doing their best to be safe and smart about what they are doing online. Those who want to make sure that their reputations are never ruined would do well to look up to all of the advice that Darius Fisher as handed out and to try to follow through on everything that he has said. He knows how to keep them safe, and they would be smart to listen to him.

Another Global Internet Attempt – This Time From SpaceX

These days nearly every reasonably large tech company is in the race to find a way to provide internet to the entire world. About half the world still does not have reliable, affordable internet service. For most tech companies there is a fairly large financial incentive to try and get more of the world connected to the internet. For other companies, they’re simply trying to do it for fun. SpaceX would most likely be one of those companies trying to do it for fun.

According to the Mass Torts Lawyer, satellite internet has always been the go-to option to connect rural and remote locations to the internet, but that only works if there’s a satellite in line of site from that location. While satellite internet typically isn’t reliable for things such as streaming services and video conferencing, general internet browsing, instant messaging, and email can happen with no trouble.

Elon Musk plans to use his SpaceX rocket company to launch 4,000 satellite into space capable of broadcasting internet to the entire world. This would allow Musk to create his own ISP. A single SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket could launch a series of satellites into orbit to cover a chunk of the world.

Before the satellites can be launched into space, testing must be done for FCC approval to confirm that the satellite will indeed be able to transmit to Earth. Once testing is complete, it would be a 5-year process to get all the satellite in space and operational. Testing is expected to begin in 2016.

Drones Being Put to Noble Cause

Unmanned drones have a bad reputation. Whenever most of us think of drones, death from above is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, will depend on whether you are the drones target or the one using it. There is also a ton of political controversy about their use in this way among people in the United States, as we are the only country, except for Britain and Israel, that have used such technology in this manner. Fortunately, people are already developing more friendly uses for this technology. There are businesses that wish to use drones for faster delivery of consumer products to the customer. As with most new technologies, it is still going through all the red tape in Washington, but it should eventually come to widespread use in the marketplace to the benefit of both the person operating the drone and the target. This is a prospect that both intrigues and excites professionals like Jaime Garcia Dias.

There is however, one other good use of drones that is being developed. Billions of trees are being cut or burned down every year, and only about half the number lost are being replanted. A former NASA man plans to speed up the rate of reforestation dramatically by using drones. The drones will be used to fire germinated seeds into the ground. He hopes to plant a billion trees a year with this technology, which will give everyone something to smile about when they think of drones.