Son Of Fallen Officer Honored At His Baseball Game

FreedomPop review reported that recently an 11 year old boy lost his father in line of duty, as the man was a police officer in Houston that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has been extremely devastating and hard on little Tyler Martin, but finally he was able to muster up the courage to hit the mound again and pitch for his little league baseball team. Even though things have been hard, the Houston Police Department has been determined to remain supportive of the officer’s family.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Single Family Globe, the Houston Police Department filled the stands at the baseball game yesterday and have been showing up to watch the boy pitch. In addition to that, they made sure to give him the utmost honor by having a helicopter land on the field and all of the officers who attended were wearing their uniforms. This really is a heart warming story and it is really nice of the police to be so considerate of the boy who just lost his father. It probably took him all the courage in the world to go back to his baseball team and pitch again, as it can be very difficult to move forward after such tragedies happen. This just proves the officers are not just enforcers, but supporters of the citizens as well and very thoughtful like that.