How Does Slyce Offer Better Shopping Experiences?

Slyce is the best place for people to go when they are looking for a better visual search option, and it is important for people to make sure that they are going to use the Pounce app that Slyce bought just for this purpose. They want to be sure that everyone who is using their technology is able to use it instantly, and the Slyce visual search AI has been put into the Pounce app for shoppers. Someone who is shopping for a certain item will be able to take a picture of that item to use in the app. The app will start to give results, and then the shopper will be able to choose the way that they want to get that kind of search done.

There are a lot of people who are trying to think about things that they can do to get their shopping done faster. They usually have to sit around wondering how they will get any shopping done, but now they will be able to get instant results when they take a picture and use the app. The app will let people link to the item they have found in their web browser, and then they will be able to make purchases right there in the browser. This is the fastest way for people to shop, and it is the only way for people to save time. came up with their visual search technology to help shoppers and businesses. People could take a picture of something in a shop window, and they will have results in seconds. Every new item they find can be bought on their phone or tablet, and then they will be able to get the help they need without wasting time. Shoppers get their items faster, save money and can literally shop for anything they see.

Electrical Engineering and Its Impacts on Human Life

Technological advancement has changed the way we live transforming humanity by making things work. Nonetheless, the strides made in technology would not have been possible is it was not for the development of electrical engineering. It is because of people like Shaygan Kheradpir on recode, an electrical engineer executive that we are enjoying an easy life experience. He has been in the field for years now and his contribution to the world of technology has made it easier for people to make payments through their mobile phones. Shaygan Kheradpir has been on forefront especially as the president of e-commerce division at Verizon to bring new innovative products in the industry.

Electrical engineering focuses on developing and utilizing the available sources of energies to make life better or easier. Electrical engineers are therefore very important professional our lives because they make most of the things that we depend on run. In fact, if it were not for electrical engineers, the current technological advancement that we enjoy currently would not have been achieved. Electrical engineers have changed and made our life experiences better in all aspects of our lives including communication, health sector, the education sector, the banking systems to mention but a few. The performance of the gadgets we used at home be it kitchen appliances or entertainment systems are all as a product of electrical engineering.

Technological shifts and turns are greatly depended on the strides made by electrical engineers. One of the ground breaking developments that this professionals have achieved is the innovations of electronic health machines such as the life support machines. If there is an area of human life that has greatly benefited from the development in electrical engineering is the health sector. Today the health sector has become more efficient and effective due to the innovations that electrical engineering has made possible.

Other than the health sector, another area of human life that has also been greatly enhanced by electrical engineering is communication. Electrical engineers have worked so hard to fill the gaps between the geographical distances between humans. This is a great milestone that has led to the development of the global villages. Through satellite and cable connections between continents, people are able to communicate to each other in real time. This has reduced the time taken in sending messages form any part of the world. It has also led to the development of great communications gadgets including the current trending smart phones, Tablets, Computers and high speed laptops to mention but a few.

Lastly, the transportation industry has also been a beneficiary of the current development in electrical engineering. Talk about the bullet speed electric trains and sophisticated state of the art vehicles that are being developed lately. Electrical engineering has made it possible for the motor world to integrate technology in the development of vehicles enhancing the user’s experience. Today’s vehicles have built in sensors that can stop the engine automatically when the vehicle is almost on a collision course. Such technology and other technological advancement are made possible by the development in electrical engineering.

Telecommuting Tech Owes Success to Innovators

The beginning of telecommuting in the 1970s was marked by various hacks of existing equipment and technology. The use of “dumb” terminals to link satellite offices to mainframes at headquarters and the beginning of conference calling on a larger scale was the start of a trend to bring workers closer despite being farther away physically. Since its humble beginnings, the technology that connects remote workers to their workplaces has improved, expanded, and become more accessible to even the smallest business.

As telecommuting enters a new area of innovation and discovery, users are beginning to see new inventions and advances in existing technology. In the field of software, solutions such as groupware make it easier to work together. In networking, concepts such as the virtual private network simplify resource accessibility and security. Telecom has also seen improvements in its field such as VoIP, which enables an enterprise to spend less and get more. These improvements continue to expand the workplace to include anywhere an employee might be.

While it is taken for granted now, it wasn’t always so simple to connect with coworkers. The tech designed to work seamlessly in the background to allow video conferencing or document sharing is oft forgotten when it’s working, but it wasn’t long ago that terms like “cloud computing” were just pie-in-the-sky dreams.

The strides made in telecommuting success can be attributed to visionaries like Shaygan Kheradpir. A Verizon CTO/CIO for eleven years, Kheradpir helped to bring Verizon’s “FiOS” network online in addition to the Verizion iobi, a portable phone-router-modem combination device, and dozens of other technologies while still cutting IT costs at Verizon significantly. In fact, throughout all the innovation led by Mr. Kheradpir on, Verizon went from spending six of its budget to roughly four percent on technology.

Part of Shaygan’s success can certainly be attributed to his application of a 30-day development cycle. This cycle embraced failure as a roadmap to innovation. This successful implementation of a rapid succeed or fail environment made Verizon both efficient and attractive to prospective employees. Shaygan would carry this success with him to his next position at Barclays, as he would be the first technology executive to sit on the executive team there.

Telecommuting technologies that are now taken for granted like cloud backup, document sharing, remote printing, and even corporate e-mail can be attributed to the brilliant ideas of hard-working individuals in many fields. From security to networking, telecommunications to software, it has been a long journey to bring telecommuting into the mainstream and out to the masses.