Kate Hudson Interviewed on Fitness by Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine had the chance to sit down with Kate Hudson and pick her brain on fitness, fashion and the inspiration for her athletic wear company, Fabletics. Hudson is widely recognized for her enviable physique, recently featured in her guest starring role as a dance instructor on the hit television series, Glee. Her new line of athletic clothing features sports bras, tanks, tops, sweatshirts, leggings and joggers, all designed to give women an extra boost of confidence while working out and not break their bank accounts in the process.

Hudson dishes on how she maintains her perfect form and admits that fitness is not always on the top of her priority list for the day. Hudson must balance being a busty working mother of two with making time to work out on a daily basis. She says that she balances this out with a healthy diet regimen, which includes juicing or cleansing. While Hudson admits that she does believe in cleansing as a useful way to keep her healthy eating in check, she advises that it should be done in moderation, and never for more than ten days at a time. Hudson’s advice for embracing a healthy lifestyle is that activity choices should be something enjoyable so that you are more likely to tackle it on a daily basis. Although there is plenty of advice and information available from the fitness industry on the best way to get in shape, Hudson contends that it does not really matter what activity you choose, as long as you incorporate it as part of your lifestyle and not just a short term trend. She also reminds us that while getting on the treadmill might not seem like the most important thing to fit in at the end of the day, it is a guaranteed mood boost once you complete your workout.

Fabletics offers a monthly subscription for only $49.95, which gives members access to specially curated outfits, free of any shipping charges. Fabletics allows members to cancel the monthly service at any time by calling the customer service number or choosing to skip a month for as long as the member chooses. The outfits offered by Fabletics are top quality but have the benefit of coming at deeply discounted prices for monthly members. Hudson is featured modeling many of the designs herself and is intimately involved in choosing the monthly offerings.

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