Newark Community Economic Development Corporation: About This Company

These days, more and more people are interested in learning about Newark’s CEDC and the role it plays in improving the quality of life for citizens in the local community. To learn more about how the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation facilitates this process, consider the information found in this short outline:

The Company’s CFO: Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial operations leader. He is known for his ability to accomplish business objectives and use strategic thinking principles to push companies into a new dimension of visibility and success. For more than 13 years, Seawright used his knowledge of the financial sector to improve communities located on the East Coast. As the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, Seawright brings an important blend of team inclusion and business acumen to the table.

About The Company

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is Newark’s primary catalyst for economic development. The company offers the following services:

Business Attraction and Retention

The corporation works with companies that want to expand or relocate into Newark. The CEDC guides them through each step of this transitional process. The company introduces the businesses to the city and explains its market as well as its assets. Additionally, the corporation assists companies with selecting their location based on factors like economic indicators, demographics, available buildings, workforce information, etc.

Real Estate

The company assists both businesses and developers with the process of tapping into Newark’s development opportunities by offering several services, including gap financing and site selection.

Small Business Development

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation welcomes the opportunity to help small businesses grow. At this time, SlideShare implied that the company is reaching out to these small businesses so that they will be aware of the assistance they can provide.

Neighborhood Development

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation realizes that each of the city’s wards are good options for community development and economic growth. The corporation thus offers project management expertise and coordination to make sure that the development initiatives generate the greatest possible return on investment for both future and current residents.

Industry Focus

The company understands that ongoing growth necessitates the presence of a diverse economy. The company also understands that all of the industries in the city contribute to the overarching prosperity and visibility of the city. In recognizing these things, the corporation places primacy on the following industries:

• Arts & Entertainment
• Health and Health Services
• Higher Education and Research
• Information Technology
• Manufacturing
• Port & Port Related Services


As a company committed to facilitating city growth, the professionals of the Newark Community Economic Development work with dedication and diligence to ensure that Newark’s business sector continues to grow and expand.