Spanish Lawmakers Call Upon Venezuela to Release Jailed Opposition Leaders

Lawmakers in Spain aroused the ire of the Venezuelan government on Tuesday when they passed a resolution calling for the release of jailed opposition party leaders in Venezuela. In Venezuela today, 33 of 78 opposition party mayors are facing legal charges from the government headed by President Nicolas Maduro.

The Mayor of Caracas was taken into custody without a warrant several weeks ago, and he remains in jail along with opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and two other Venezuelan mayors on what many human rights activists describe as “trumped up charges.” The recent arrests of opposition leaders has created concern within the Spanish government. In February, when Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met briefly with Mrs. Lopez, the Venezuelan government recalled its ambassador to Spain for consultations.

President Rajoy met last month with the wife of the jailed Mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma. His decision to meet with her displeased the Venezuelan government.

When the Spanish parliament passed the resolution on Tuesday, President Nicolas Maduro reportedly characterizedSpain’s Prime Ministor Rajoy as “racist.” He also complained that the resolution was “an act of aggression by corrupt Spanish elites.”

Bernardo Chua ( has learned that the Spanish Foreign Ministry summoned the Venezuelan Ambassador to Spain to the office of the Foreign Minister toprotest the remarks. The Venezuelan government responded by summoning the Spanish Ambassador to its Foreign Ministry. Venezuela’s Foreign Minister attacked Spain in strong terms, alleging “meddling and disrespectful statements.”

Star Trek Health Scanning Device Getting Real

The smart tech that you used to see in movies is slowly becoming reality. Scanadu is a name you have not heard of, but works after the example of a Star Trek diagnosing device. Simply bringing it close to your forehead and pushing a button starts a body estate analysis measuring the temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels.

The inventor won’t stop here. Post-Gazette says that he is currently developing Scanaflo, a urine analyzing device that people will be able to buy and use at home instead of heading with the probes to the doctor. De Brouwer, the man who has started all the affair, has an idea for what he will do next too. He does not know what tech to use yet, but believes that a laser curing beam should be his next invention. It is for the people who take little care of analyzing their health. Thus the laser could be pointed towards them, the diagnosis made at distance without their knowledge and then the cure that they need should be sent in the same way, making them healthy before they realize they had a health issue. This last one is still from the field of the sci-fi. But exactly the same thing was told about all the devices’ prototypes years ago.