TalkFusion’s CEO Bob Reina is taking over the communication industry


One of the greatest struggles across business owners alike is actually BRINGING IN the business. The more people that you can stay in contact with, the more customers you will end up having repeatedly. It is the exact same reason why people spend so much time keeping up with their advertising, via preparing and sending out newsletters, blogging, chatting with their subscribers, and much more. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was a simple way to do everything from one, glorified, easy-to-use platform? After all, having to track down all of the different tools necessary can be a task that no one even knows how to do in the first place!

TalkFusion is such an applicable solution, because the company has been built to work with just about anyone’s agenda. No matter what size business, you can take advantage of all the tools and information they offer, continually attracting both new and repeat business while GETTING PAID just to share all of the perks with others. There are so many people in the world who could effectively use TalkFusion, making a full-time income at the exact same time. In fact, the TalkFusion opportunity is best advertised with its own strategies, since video advertising is easily one of the most effective ways to reach interested parties. It is probably one of the many reasons that YouTube became as popular as it did, rapidly growing in to the world’s #1 resource for anything video material. The thing is, there is a certain level of professionalism and creativity that is dropped when using YouTube as a place to store media.

Because it gets so buried — how is anyone supposed to see your message? In what way are you actually sending out the words or information that you are trying to get people to hear? That’s exactly how TalkFusion can help you pick up your marketing game. Digital marketing is one of those things that is easy to flounder with — however, with TalkFusion, everything becomes a few simple clicks of a button.

Mr Fix-it

How would you repair your online digital image? It might be easier to clean a stain on your white shirt than it would be to clean a stain on your integrity. When you splash cranberry juice on clothing, you grab the fabric cleaner and spray it on the stain; then you place it in the washer until it’s clean. If the stain doesn’t come out, you may have to buy a new shirt, but a stain on your online character is much more complicated to repair.

If your data becomes compromised, you are going to need some help from a company like Status Labs. This company deals with the dirt about you that was private but now isn’t. Let’s face it, if the headline reads “Bankruptcy after Divorce,” most people will study at least the first couple of paragraphs to find out who did what to whom and why. You’ll need an expert to help you expunge your scandalous data from a Google search or, at least, push it down to the bottom of the next page where most people won’t bother to peruse it.

You will want Darius Fisher as your new Mr. Fix-it. Mr. Fisher is co-founder and president of Status Labs, headquartered in Austin Texas, and he knows how to clean up a digital mess. If you’ve not heard much negative press on Darius, it’s because he knows how to scrub the data stream and push the dirt out of the spotlight. Unlike a soiled shirt, most people can’t buy new integrity, and Status Labs won’t help you with your criminal record if your chosen profession is laundering money. But this company can and will help you regroup from a painful situation and replace the bad press with acceptable content.

You will need to keep your online honor intact because most of us don’t get a do-over. There’s only one of you, so you’re going to want to keep your personal information private. Everyone falls in the mud occasionally, but with Darius Fisher at your back, he’ll have a clean shirt ready for you.

Do You Know What Your Online Reputation Status Is?

More individuals, organizations and businesses are realizing that they have an online reputation that may or may not be completely accurate. These entities are hiring the online reputation management firm Status Labs to create the best online persona. In fact, from 2012 to 2015, Status Lab’s business has grown 939%.

“What is your online reputation?”

The World Wide Web is an open book. It is unregulated, uncontrolled and allows people to search into your personal history at their leisure. Governments have not been able to restrict access to certain types of personal information found online.

Certain websites allow you to look up any one’s criminal background. At “” you can check out your neighbor’s home value. For celebrities, politicians and businesses, this access might be a bit daunting, scary an unnerving.

“News, Rumors and Gossip Travel Fast”

Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites have enabled individuals to spread information quickly. Smart phone users can download reams of data in real-time 24/7/365. Unfortunately, not all of the online information is accurate.

By accident, some information from another individual or business might be associated with your firm. Some disgruntled employee might spread false rumors about your organization. These falsehoods could destroy your reputation and reduce your business sales if you don’t correct them.

“Preserve Your Status With Status Labs”

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that helps its wealthy, political and famous clients promote themselves in a good light. This public relations firm has more than 1,500 clients in technology, finance, philanthropy, real estate, beauty and politics. Status Labs President Darius Fisher states: “Status Labs is unique in that we can solve any digital communications problem brought forth to us, ….”

Social media, public relations and digital marketing are just a few of the services offered by the Status Labs firm. The business has offices in Austin, New York and Sao Paulo with clients in 35 countries. The firm also serves Fortune 500 brands.

The Rise of Flipora

Flipora has just received $1.5 million dollars to add an app for Android and iOS devices to make Discovery Engine the new reality. It also now has many backers including Gokul Rajaram, creator of Google AdSense, Munjal Shah, Founder and CEO of, Barney Pell, Founder and CEO of Powerset, and Anil Dharni, Co-Founder of Funzio. Many of them are excited about Flupora and its achievements.

Flipora is neither a search engine or a social network, although it does share attributes with these. It is described as a “discovery engine,” and it is an A.I. company. It resembles social networks like Facebook in that it links people together and enables them to communicate with each other. But while a site such as Linkedin links people according to their professions, Flipora links people according to their interests.

What really sets Flipora apart, though, is its ability to learn. It keeps tabs of members’ Facebook activity and web searches, so it is aware of their current interests. It then recommends topics and content based on those interests. If somebody spends a lot of time reading articles about cats, for instance, Flipora will recommend articles and sites devoted to those animals. If the cat lover then decides they want to read up on the latest science fiction films, Flipora will obligingly shift gears and dig up articles about science fiction movies.

When Flipora first started, it kept track of 12 interests. The current version can now follow almost 3000 interests which enables fans of science fiction films, for instance, to choose from several different narrower categories devoted to that topic. In addition, users can link their Twitter and Facebook accounts to Flipora and communicate with others.

Flipora was founded by Vijay Krishnan and Jonathan Siddharth while the two were still in graduate school at Stanford University. They created an early version of Flipora called Infoaxe back in 2008 which they described as a “personal browsing history search engine.” After heavily revamping it, they changed the name to Flipora in 2012. It currently attracts seven million new visitors each month.