Andy Wirth Offers Views on the Drought Affects


California has Cut Back on Water Use
Andy Wirth has offered his views on the subject of the drought affects. The question that everyone wants to know is if the drought will be affecting the Ski Resorts. This interview will provide the expectations on what the upcoming winter may bring for those who love to ski. Will the drought allow for the survival of the ski resorts? It ought to be noted that Californians have cut back on their water use by 27 percent. Everyone ought to be commended for the drop in the use of water. Californians have developed a strong concern about their water use and the drought. This state has experienced one of the driest winters that have ever been recorded within history. You will have the opportunity to hear the views on how the droughts may or may not affect the winter sport activities from Andy Wirth, CEO ofAlpine Meadows of Tahoe, IncSki Holdings. Madeline Brand interviewed Andy with the questions on the survival of the ski resorts this winter. Andy Wirth does have the qualifications to answer the many questions on the ski situation in California. Will there be snow for skiing this winter? This upcoming winter may prove to be much colder than the past. There are those individuals who fear that the ski business may be in trouble 20 years from now. Mr. Wirth does use weather behavior to answer some of these questions. He does take the management of resources very seriously. There is much being done in regards to the business model and aspects of the overall ski resorts. It ought to be noted that Mr. Worth does plan on opening Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. up as usual this winter.

Andrew Wirth
It should be noted that Mr. Wirth serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Alpine Meadows of Tahoe, Inc. He has done this since August, 2010. He does intend on providing a positive legacy in regards to responsibility to the ski business world and to those who love to ski in California. You may discover that the ski industry has many resources to offer to California according to Mr. Wirth. He has the knowledge to clearly speak on the·resilient ski hills and the bountiful information that a skilled businessman has to offer. 

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Squaw-some CEO, Andy Wirth


CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski, Andy Wirth, is quite a news worthy individual. Andy Wirth has had many experiences bringing him into the spotlight. A skydiving outing, in October 2013, nearly turned into a horror flick when Andy Wirth almost died. He suffered great injury to his right arm, which was later surgically reattached. Wirth accredited his survival to the lyrics of a Pearl Jam song. Steamboat Today ran an article about the accident and the bond Wirth created after writing a letter detailing the ordeal to Eddie Vedder. 

Adding further to his fame, Andy Wirth now finds himself holding a chair on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Numerous honors have been awarded Andy Wirth. One of the latest was Citizen of the Year, by Disabled Sports USA in 2014. His award winning company is also worth paying attention to. 

Boredom is a distinction the Squaw Valley ski resort never needs concern itself with being given. The resort boasts 6000 acres, provides skiers 42 lifts, 270 trails, over 8 mountain peaks. If skiing isn’t your cup of tea, multiple varieties of tea can be enjoyed at the nearly 60 restaraunts, bars, art galleries and boutiques. 

Activities all year round attract guests to the 1960 home of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Gorgeous scenery while hiking numerous trails can be viewed, Bridal parties are offered an unforgettable wedding venues for their special day, Golfing, with the added bonus of a picturesque backdrop is one of the less strenuous physical activities found at Squaw Valley. Other attractions in the more relaxed category include night skiing, ski tubing, and snow shoing.

Squaw Valley ski resort, and its CEO, Andy Wirth are both bound to excite the masses in the months and years to come. Watch for the gondola connecting Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley USA, which was reported in April 2015 to be constructed in the future.