Zika Virus News? Dr. Sergio Cortes Best Secrets To Building Immunity!

The gifted health professional, orthopedic surgeon and famed impersonator, Sergio Cortes formerly served as Rio de Janeiro secretariat. As Extra Globo online published some time ago, Dr. Sergio Cortés intervention at Xerem during the dengue crisis saved lives. With the Dengue Hydration Center organizing efforts to prevent the spread of dengue; Dr. Sergio Cortes educated citizens about mosquito proliferation to control transmission rates. A former Chilean athlete, he smashed the 31-Magnus Larson record when he competed in Florida at the 1993 Lipton Championships. The celebrated tennis player defeated Jacco Eltingh (Dutch) and Derrick Rostagno before getting eliminated by prolific German Olympian Boris Becker. His Wikipedia page reads that his performance at Lipton marked his best win in his sports career history.

In an effort to help society understand and become an advocate of disease prevention, Dr. Sergio Cortes enlighten them by sharing up-to-the-minute tips. He regularly talks about real-world health issues affecting Brazilians and everyone else on Sergio Cortes Official, a professional news blog. In 2002, the WHO (World Health Organization) recognized Dr. Sergio Cortes for his selfless contributions to the Brazilian health sector. The IFOC (International Federation and Olympic Committee) of Brazil appointed Dr. Sergio Cortes as the nation’s chief orthopedist. He’s a University Souza Marques graduate with specialization in orthopedics. Furthermore, he’s done US and Brazilian post-graduate courses.

Dr. Sergio Cortes blogs about different medical conditions and lately he shared some enlightening facts about Zik V. He explained that forty-something-year-old killer zika virus isn’t a relatively new. Yes, news of it didn’t reach public ears until recently as it invaded regions worldwide. Dr. Sergio Cortes blog revealed that Zik V first invaded African countries Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Later, Asian countries Thailand and India reported vastly progressing cases of Zik V. Some countries in Latin America, including Colombia, Mexico and Brazil reported a rapidly growing Zik V endemic in 2015. This resulted in the WHO (World Health Organization) alerting nations of Zik V implications.

In fact, it’s been linked of infantile birth deformities, particularly exhibiting patterns to that of Guillain-Barre syndrome and microcephaly. Dr. Sergio Cortes stressed that Zika virus is medically treatable. He further explained that Zik V isn’t contagious. As an autoimmune vector-borne disease, transmission to humans requires an infected mosquito, particularly of the Aedes aegypti species. This same mosquito transmits the culture that causes chikungunya and dengue fever. Endorse Dr. Sergio Cortes on LinkedIn and follow him Twitter for up-to-the-minute health news.

Sergio Cortes As A Strong Health Leader

During times of natural disaster, many people will turn to the health professionals and experts that they previously only relied on for mundane information in the past. The flooding in Xerém was one such case where a natural disaster occurred and a health leader like Sergio Cortes became the expert on the field for helping people who had been affected, but not killed by the flood. Among many other things, Sergio Cortes has worked to provide education on the aftermath of the flood, help with the diseases that could be spreading more quickly as a result of the flood and help the citizens get the dietary resources they need during these trying times.

Even if a citizen has been through a flood before, they may not know exactly what they need to do after the flood has happened. It is Sergio Cortes’s main priority to tell these people what they need to be doing to protect themselves after the flood. Finding a clean, dry place to use as a shelter is the first step and finding a great source of food and fresh water is the second step, as recommended by Sergio Cortes. There are many options when it comes to helping oneself after a flood.

Since floodwater can pick up germs, disease and even waste products, it is easy for people to catch diseases immediately after a flood. This poses a major risk, nearly as bad as the flooding, and causes people to perish after the fact. Sergio Cortes wants to address the disease, give the people of the community better ways to avoid it and offer them treatment options to help them be better equipped if they do catch the disease. He does this through education of diseases and medication to treat the diseases.

Once there has been a flood, the water supply can quickly become contaminated. After the flood, it is important to drink bottled water or water that is imported from an area that has not been affected by the flood. The people of Xerém have been advised by Sergio Cortes to only drink bottled water to ensure that they do not catch any of the diseases spreading through floodwater. They have also been advised not to eat any food that was grown locally and try to avoid anything other than prepackaged food until the risk of contamination of the water supply as a result of the flood is eliminated.

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Take The Time And Check Out Sergio Cortes, The Best MJ Impersonator

Those who watch Sergio Cortes’ videos when he performs are more than thrilled to see his amazing performances as well is the fact that he looks so similar to Michael Jackson. Even though many have fallen in love with Sergio because of his mannerisms and his dead-on impressions of Michael Jackson, many still wish that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was still here. Michael passed in 2009, and Michael’s death was so sudden and unexpected that it threw the entire world into a period of mourning that lasted for months if not years.

Although it helped many to play Michael’s music after he passed, it just wasn’t enough for those who were truly mourning him. For some, it’s a good idea to seek out someone who is very similar to a person who died, so the person can get comfort from their tears and anguish over the person who died. Many started looking to Sergio Cortes because not only is he a great impersonator but he’s so similar to Michael Jackson that it’s uncanny. Many could easily have mistaken Sergio for Michael Jackson when the Michael was alive because that’s how much he looked like the star.

Although many were saddened by the death of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes was a great help in the healing of the hearts of many who were devastated by Michael’s death. Sergio performed a show that would make him famous worldwide because of his great impersonations of Michael Jackson. Sergio has a singing voice that is high enough to hit the notes that Michael himself seemed to claim as his own, especially when Michael was singing lead in the Jackson Five group. Sergio is really embodying everything that used to be Michael Jackson, and Sergio even brings tears to the eyes of many who miss Michael Jackson dearly.

Not every Michael Jackson impersonator is good enough to gain international fans, but Sergio has. Sergio lives in Brazil, but Sergio was born in Barcelona, Spain, and from coast-to-coast he’s well known as the absolute best impersonator of Michael Jackson. The fact that Sergio looks like Michael and can perform exactly like him as well, it makes him the absolute best at what he does. Sergio continues his practice of being a Michael Jackson impersonator, and he has many followers on social media websites as well as many loyal fans from all over the world.

Sergio Cortes Is Amazing As An Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Everyone should remember where they were when they heard the news that Michael Jackson had passed. The passing of Michael Jackson is something that many people will never forget, just like when Martin Luther King or Malcolm X died. Not only was Michael Jackson an icon, but he was also a person who only improved with age, unlike many stars that are out there today. Michael Jackson started off in the Jackson Five, and then he started doing music on his own many years later. It was after Michael had surgery on his face and lightened his skin that Sergio Cortes realized that they both looked alike.

Sergio became a big fan of Michael’s when he was still alive, and Sergio even met Michael in person as well. Michael Jackson himself gave a nod to Sergio’s looks and style as well as his performances, meaning that he was given permission by Michael to be his doppelgänger and impersonator. Sergio has a flawless look that favors Michael Jackson so much that very few could tell one person from the other. Michael was well known for having a dimple in his chin, and the same dimple can be found on Sergio’s chin as well.

When Michael died in 2009, Sergio, as well as all Michael Jackson fans, found themselves mourning his death. Many could see the Michael Jackson funeral on TV, but there were too many Michael Jackson fans to possibly let everyone attend the funeral that was held in a stadium. Those who were not able to go to the funeral had to find their own ways to honor Michael Jackson, and Sergio chose to do just that. Sergio held a stage show that showed his appreciation of the late Michael Jackson. The show also displayed Sergio’s immense talents as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Sergio can dance like Michael Jackson almost effortlessly, and his dance moves mimic every dance that Michael used to do. Michael was well-known for the Moonwalk, which is an incredibly hard dance to perform, but Sergio can do the Moonwalk without a second thought. Sergio has brought smiles to the faces of many Michael Jackson fans, even though they feel that no one could ever possibly fill Michael’s shoes. Although no one can mistake Sergio for Michael Jackson because Michael passed, Sergio can surely be admired as a Michael Jackson impersonator because of his looks, dance moves, singing voice, and style.

Sergio Cortes Makes MJ Fans Do A Double Take

If someone searched for Sergio Cortes on Google they would get quite a few results. Many of the results would lead to articles about this Michael Jackson impersonator, and there would be some videos mixed in between. If someone clicked on one of the videos they would probably look for a second and then wonder if they actually were looking at an impersonator or an early performance by Michael Jackson.

Sergio Cortes puts on a killer show, but to say that he has the same energy as Michael Jackson is a daring statement. Yet, this is what many fans are saying these days because Sergio puts so much hard work into this. He has the looks and the moves so it was only natural that he would make this his life. Cortes was born in Barcelona, but he was fascinated by the pop icon that grew up in Gary, Indiana. Sergio would see Jackson imitating his idol James Brown and Sergio would eventually inspire to imitate Jackson.

With plans for the “Human Nature Live Show” it is just a matter of time before more people discover who Sergio Cortes is. He has already dazzled audiences on television shows and all types of concert appearances. This is just a small portion of what he is planning to do though. Cortes is getting geared up for a tour that will expand his brand as an impersonator. It is possible that he could become a headliner in Las Vegas simply because he has the look and the stage presence that is very similar to Michael Jackson.

Before Jackson died he was planning to make Las Vegas home. Fans were buying tickets in advance to witness the magic that Jackson was bringing to the stage. Right now there is a show called the “Michael Jackson Experience” in Las Vegas that features dancers, but there is no Jackson impersonator in place. It is a dazzling show, but it could really bring out more people if Sergio Cortes was in place. There has also been talk about a hologram performance with Michael Jackson for concerts, but this would be very costly. It is more cost effective to pay a live performer like Sergio Cortes to headline an MJ tribute. So far there are thousands of fans that are proclaiming Sergio to be the best among the sea of MJ impersonators that are imitating this pop icon.