Feast your (sapphire) eyes on this…

For many years diamonds were the diamond standard when it came to proposing with a ring, but as many fashions so often go, diamond love is soon to give way to sapphire flare and with no end in sight.

The sapphire second only to the diamond, on the Mohs scale, is both a hardy and beautiful eye-catching gem. Not only does it come in a variety of colors from clear (like a diamond) to bold primaries and even pastels, each color even represents a month of the year. If you choose to give the gift of jewelry, no gem comes close to a sapphire. They can offer originality and expression as well as brilliance and quality far beyond that of any diamond piece. Sapphire’s in fact can only be scratched by a diamond with a very sharp edge and even then with incredible force behind it. Hence your sapphires will remain beautiful for a life-time and because of their colorful nature they will be loved for a life-time. They are not only durable, but also shine with more brilliance than any other natural gem and thus have always made a beautiful addition to any fashion ensemble.

Did you ever wonder why it’s not more common to propose with a ring, adorned with a colorful gem that could make a statement, about the relationship between two people? For example, when I hear about Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s ring, I can easily imagine that rich sapphire marked by the bold depth of its color, to mean just how committed they are to each other and their royal duties. It screams of maturity, obligation, depth, and devotion. Something both the prince and duchess clearly carry so well on their shoulders. I suspect this is also the reason many people were drawn to this style of ring, even if they weren’t aware of it themselves at the time.

Personally however, it is a great way to show a loved one that you appreciate them. Presenting them with a color that holds deep meaning to you. It is, in turn, a chance for your loved one to accept who you are and display it proudly. No other gem can offer that same level of intimacy between two people and I believe this is the main draw and sudden increase in popularity among gem lover’s today.

Sapphire rings also offer a variety of options in flash from every-day and low-key to extremely regal and eye-catching. Perhaps part of the reason that natural gems are still important today over synthetically manipulated sapphires, is that they will be unlike any other sapphire on the market, giving them their unique signature and quality among it’s peers. This is also an important feature and trait when giving someone the gift of brilliance and can also make for a wonderful conversation piece among friends.

Source: http://www.thenaturalsapphirecompany.com/custom-sapphire-engagement-rings/