Sam Smith Is Now Another Year Older

May 19, 2015 is Sam Smith’s birthday, and everyone wants to wish him a happy birthday. Sam blew up and propelled into fame by releasing the song “Stay With Me,” and it was one of the biggest hits of the year. Sam Smith. Sam has received many awards for his great music, and even Iggy Azalea praised his music. Sam has been on many shows this past year, and he even let the world know that he is gay.

The fact that Sam became so famous that he finally was comfortable enough to let others know his sexuality, it made many people proud of him. In the video Stay With Me, you can clearly see a woman in the background, and the video is not true to Sam Smith’s character. New York Times suggested that besides Sam coming out to the world, he has also put out great music, and he’s made the world fall in love with him. Sam had to miss the Billboard Music Awards recently because he had surgery on his throat.

Sam cannot sing at this time, so he was not able to give a speech. The Billboard Music Awards allowed Sam to put up cue cards and talk to the audience, without him having to ever say a word. The cue cards had very funny statements on them, and Sam shows why he is such a lovable person. Happy birthday Sam Smith!