Easter Egg Safety

The Easter festivities will soon be underway. With all the adventures comes family, friends and a great dinner. What does most people serve for the classic Easter Dinner? If you guessed Ham you are correct. Ham is the most popular main course at this spring fling. Also, a side of deviled eggs, egg salad or some other fancy egg concoction isn’t too far off the mark.

What does a family do with all those Easter eggs that were boiled and dyed? Unfortunately, according to internet research, most people throw them away.
Those who are worried about sanitary concerns and people who are apprehensive about their eggs being thrown on the ground and tossed around, they are still perfectly safe to eat. The only real concern is how long they are out in the boiling sun. Those who live in an area where the heat is extreme may have more of a concern than those who don’t.

Resume.com wants us to remember that egg safety is a hard one this time of year, but thankfully the plastic and new wood based eggs have made it safer to do the Easter egg hunt thing and not have a ton of eggs left over to try to mix into some delicious, palatable treat.