The Explosive Growth of Waiakea Volcanic Water

A Refreshing Taste

The bottled water industry has come under fire recently for a number of controversies. Many bottled water companies are simply taking treated city water and passing to their customers without much care. Customers looking for clean, pure water from natural sources are left without a brand catering to their tastes. This is why Ryans Emmons founded Waiakea.

His experience growing up in Hawaii gave him a taste of its smooth and silky water. Organic Authority says that Waiakea water took the bottled water market by storm but Emmons maintains a strong sense of philanthropy. Waiakea’s mission is to bring pure water to its customers and to those in need of clear water in developing world.

The Benefits Of Hawaiian Water

The islands of Hawaii are covered with volcanoes and the water Waiakea pumps from beneath Hawaiian soil is filtered through the dirt left over by volcanic eruptions. The filtration leaves Waiakea spring water rich in electrolytes and other vital nutrients such as calcium. Learn more about Waiakea spring:

Although there are many brands of bottled water that provide electrolytes Waiakea also provides its customers with silica as well. Research has shown that silica can provide protection against certain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Beyond its health benefits silica provides Waiakea bottled water with its unique texture and “feel”.

The Profits Speak For Themselves

The idea of a man in his 20s creating a bottled water company with relatively few funds is a miraculous story no matter the angle you take. Most venture capitalists would expect to spend millions of dollars on water treatment facilities and marketing to even scratch at their competition in the bottled water market.

According to Specialty Food, Emmons has made Waiakea water a household name in a matter of 4 years. Over 900 stores across 14 states carry Waiakea products on their shelves with even more stores to accept Waiakea in the coming years.

Everyone Deserves Clean Water

Philanthropy is an important aspect of the vision Emmons holds for Waiakea water. The company has a program aimed at funding the construction of wells in developing nations across the world. This year the Waiakea gave 6 communities in Malawi the funds to build wells providing clean water for their memberships.

This charity ties back to the original purpose of water Waiakea. Ryan Emmons wanted to give the world a naturally pure source of water and the health benefits not available from any other means.