Some of you might be wondering this very question. There are lots of single women out on the dating scene right now. Why would guys gravitate to the internet to secure their lifelong happiness?

There are a few reasons for this actually. Number one, who has the time anymore. There are lots of single men out there; and yet, very few have the time to devote to going out and “meeting someone.” The internet provides an outlet for this. Some guy can go online at night, chat with a single girl. Each time hoping that there is something there.

This is another genius about online dating. A guy doesn’t need to put himself in debt over finding “the one.” A guy can chat with a few girls at a time on Anastasia Dating, not looking for anything serious. Not expecting anything to come of it. Then, when something does happen, he will at least have some idea who the girl is.

There are some that say that girls online lie. Yes, this is true. You will also find this when you are physically out in the dating world. On the open market, girls can be anything you want them to be. Girls feel they have to put up a pretense for you.

With online dating, this is not the case. Girls will often times show their true colors right away online. This way, you guys can weed out the good from the bad much more easily and effectively.


Romance is not what it used to be. A good majority of American girls are more concerned with being “independent.” There is nothing wrong with this; however, some guys are more old-fashioned. They like to take care of their girls. The Ukraine and Russian girls are more into having their man “take care of them.” I don’t say this in a bad way. This is in a good way. They believe in family and settling down into something long-term. Those who are looking for this type of girl, will have better luck on this site. Lots of American girls are turned off by this.


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