Rick Perry is a Distinguished Candidate for the Wrong Reason.

In 2012 Rick Perry was seen by some to be the heir-apparent to the Republican Party and protégé’ of former President George W. Bush. However, when he stuck his proverbial foot in his mouth during the debates all those plans went back to Texas along with his chances of winning the nomination. Fast forward three years and he has once again thrown his cowboy hat into the very crowded ring for 2016. In his announcement he attempted to highlight his former peacetime military service, by surrounding himself with veterans and on the surface it would feel like he holds the distinction of the only veteran running for the highest office.

Which would be a very good distinction to have; unfortunately this is not his only distinction. Boraie Development’s linkedin profile highlighted that he is the only candidate that is currently facing a felony indictment. Yes, everyone is aware that it shouldn’t be long to see some kind of federal indictment of Hillary Clinton. But for Perry he is facing indictment for abuse of power and coercion charges that surfaced after he threatened to defund the Public Integrity Unit of the State of Texas if the director who was a Democrat did not resign after she was caught driving under the influence. She and the Dems cried foul, and here we are waiting to see if this will go to trial. He should be focusing on his campaign and running on his record as a successful Texas Governor, not having this indictment lingering over his head. Unfortunately, this is not what making headlines.