JHSF is Proof That Being Different can be Highly Profitable

Every few decades a company emerges, goes about everything differently and ends up revolutionizing its industry. Many companies try to do this, but most fail. Consequently, few companies attempt to deviate from the industry norm, and those who do often end up being ridiculed. However, one company that has done this and succeeded is Brazilian real estate giant, JHSF. While most of the industry over the past few years has been aggressively their commercial and residential developments portfolios, JHSF has been diversifying into shopping malls, hotels and, now, an airport. This has allowed the company to maintain a steady source of revenue even when the real estate sector has experienced crippling shocks.

Innovation is in the soul of JHSF. It is entrenched in the company’s culture. Unsurprisingly, a look through the history of Brazil’s real estate industry in the last few decades shows that JHSF was the first to market with many products and services. For example, it was the first company in the industry to venture into the hospitality sector by acquiring the Fasano group of hotels. This highly successful move has since been copied by many other real estate developers in the country. The company was also the first to adopt the now-popular concept of green-housing through its Vitra residential complex project. The complex is still lauded to this day for being environmentally sustainable, yet aesthetic and functional.

The innovating spirit at JHSF has been significantly inspired by the company’s current chief executive officer and chairman, Jose Auriemo Neto. Known to many in the company as Zeco, Mr. Neto has been with the developer for close to one-and-a-half decades. He has been the driving force behind many of JHSF’s ambitious projects, including the one currently being undertaken to develop an executive airport. Under his leadership, JHSF’s value has grown to about R$1.2, thus making it one of the largest real estate developers in the region.

Mr. Neto holds a degree from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, Sao Paulo. Further, his high standing in the Brazilian business community has seen him twice hold a position in the Young Presidents’ Organization.


Why Devco’s New Brunswick Project Has Been Struggling In The Market Since Its Inception

Devco, also known as the New Brunswick Development Corporation has recently been the center of business and investment discussions both on the media and business sector. The main reason for Devco’s popularity is its debt default last month.

Devco is a very famous real estate firm that has specialized in urban developments. This company started its operations sometime in the mid-1970’s. This American urban real estate firm has been undertaking redevelopment projects through out the market since then. Among its main agendas has been the facilitation of public and private investments on pressofatlanticcity.com in the real estate sector of New Brunswick City.

Devco has so far participated in investing over $1.6 billion in the economic revitalization agenda of New Brunswick City. This money has gone to the redevelopment of over 2.5 million square feet of projects. Of late Devco has input over $450 million to various new investments in this city.

According to the latest revelations, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority has again defaulted a $1 million debt installment payment on behalf of Devco on northjersey. This sum was the monthly principal and interest charged on the $20 million 2005 loan Devco had received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This makes the accumulative defaults for the last five years amount to over $7 million.

Devco invested this money on The Heldrich hotel and conference center construction in New Brunswick City. This firm says that its investment in this five-star hotel has not been doing so well in the market. This urban real estate developer adds that this is the main reason it has been struggling to pay its principles and interests.

This Devco blames the 2008 global crisis for the challenges facing its investment in New Brunswick. According to this firm, this crisis denied The Heldrich hotel a chance to grow in the market as it hit soon after it had launched its operations. Devco says since 2008, it has been trying to hold up The Heldrich Hotel and prevent its collapse and so far their efforts have started giving positive results. This urban real estate developer adds that 2015 was the best year for the investment and with this success persisting it would be able to clear its debts in no time.

Press of Atlanta City.

How Does Scott Lumley Plan To Develop Nashville, Tennessee?

Scott Lumley is a Tennessee developer who has been working in the Nashville area for many years. His company is Resolve Financials, and his team has started some of the most profitable developments in the city. Nashville may be known as the home of the country and Christian music industries, but the city is much more than that. Nashville is a thriving metropolis with two professional sports team, and it is a city that has many blighted neighborhoods. This article explains how Scott Lumley has turned blighted areas into bastions of middle class suburbia.

#1: A Single Blighted Area Can Be Turned Around Easily

Scott Lumley’s personal website shows he believes that any blighted area in the Nashville community can be turned around with new development. Scott wants the people in these areas to have new places to live, new places to work and new places to play. Scott has worked on multi-use properties before, and he often turns old buildings into something new. Converting buildings is a wise decision in many cases, and it shows the vision Scott has for the city.

#2: Old Nashville Industry

The old Nashville industrial buildings that are still standing may be turned into industrial, commercial or residential properties. A residential property is much easier to complete when a large building is already standing, and large factories may become shopping malls or office buildings. There is more than enough space in these buildings for substantial development, and Scott has chosen many of these buildings to grow around.

#3: Growing Around Old Structures

Old structures that were once thriving may become the centerpieces of new developments. It is Scott’s belief that these buildings can create new neighborhoods with new names. The new neighborhoods will become areas of Nashville that people will want to move to, and these same neighborhoods will help people find a new lifestyle and livelihood. Someone who is interested in moving to Nashville will come to these new areas looking for a place to live, work and shop. Business owners will open their offices in areas with many people, their businesses will have an instant flock of customers and employees.

Scott Lumley’s vision for Nashville includes turning around old buildings that once meant so much to the city. His developments through Resolve Financials have helped give people a new lease on life, and the businesses he attracts are making the Nashville area into a much stronger community.

New Jersey Real Estate Advice From Boraie Development

New Jersey is one of the nation’s most popular states. People from around the nation find this state is an ideal place for them to live. Living in this part of the nation allows them to easily commute to a job in New York City or one in Philadelphia as well as many other local cities in this state. Figuring out the right place to live in this often requires a great deal of help and advice from those who know and understand the state well. Someone can easily find the help they need from others here in order to locate the right housing situation for their needs.

Working directly with a professional company such as Boraie Development allows anyone who is contemplating living here find the right situation for their needs. Staffers at Boraie can help anyone who wants to live here find the right living space for their needs and wants. For example, someone who wants to find the best possible apartment for their needs here in New Jersey, can happily work with officials at Boraie to make that goal happen. The company offers residents here to pick from various kinds of apartments buildings located in some of the most upscale parts of the state. In working this company, the person who is looking to locate here will be able to identify potential living situations that are right for their specific needs and wants as well for other members of their family who may be living with them.

The right kind of real estate advice can allow someone to figure out exactly where they want to live. Someone who needs to have the best possible schools or access to local transportation options that allow them to commute easily to another part of the state or even another state entirely will find help lets them pick out just the right option for their specific needs. This is an ideal way for the person to figure out where they should live in order to help them stay within the confines of their budget and have he home they really want.


Is New Jersey real estate really poised for a comeback? Is talk of New Jersey becoming a magnet for young professionals seeking affordable, yet very upscale housing here, as an alternative to Manhattan, the real deal? Can this hard-charging state bring new life and vibrance into areas that have been overlooked for years? According to the talk among the experts, the answer is a resounding yes.

Though it’s been talked about for years, even as the “Garden State” has endured a string of tough challenges including fallout from the Great Recession and job losses and business closures in the aftermath of two major storms, this time, it looks like this hardy state is playing for keeps, comeback-wise. And why not? New Jersey has always had a vital fighting spirit, and now, with major developments coming up from major players like Boraie Development LLC and Tucker Development Corporation, the talk of a major real estate comeback seems very real indeed.

In a recent story in www.njbiz.com, a panel of commercial real estate experts, including Wasseem Boraie of Boraie Development LLC made it clear that the outlook is very positive in the New Jersey market. Boraie observed that now there are 5-10 “Class A” projects currently under construction or in the development pipeline in New Jersey, and that is very good news as well as a new kind of strategy. According to Boraie, in the past, civic leaders in cities like New Brunswick were looking to one major project to bring new vigor into the area. Yet what is really needed is for a whole swarm of projects to come in to really attract vibrance and growth.

Now, with the new developments coming in, including a 168-unit residential high-rise from Boraie Development, New Jersey has every chance of becoming a very exciting real estate center. And yes, that is very good news indeed.