Maintaining Law and Order under Gascon as a DA

George Gascon is the District Attorney in San Francisco. He has been involved in numerous accusations by the rest of the officials who had served in the former position that Gascon is portraying as being not efficient. He served as chief at the Police Officer Association, which he is criticizing presently.
He has been recently accused by the former Police Officers Association as being racial and discriminating when he served as the boss at the same position. It is due to these reasons that George Gascon is supposed to respond to such allegations. It is true that there may be some unprofessional conduct in the force that Gascon is trying to uproot in the process.
He is however not ready to respond to such allegations because currently he is the DA and all individuals who are going against the law should be felt with according to the law. He is always fighting to streamline the police force so that the right procedures are followed when they are administering justice cases in San Francisco. He, therefore, has a strong feeling about making the place a hospitable place where every individual has the right to perform his duties perfectly well.
To counter and obstruct justice that Gascon is seeking out for, the former POA boss, Gary Delagnes has come up with various reasons to make Gascon Look like a pretender. He is an individual who is not having goodwill in performing his duties in the force. There have been allegations of racism and homophobia actions in the police force and DA Gascon ready and willing to fight such vices in the society.
It is, however, ironical to criticizers that words of reforming the force can be spoken by him. In his term, Delagnes, as the boss at POA he is well known for the 25 years that he served as being involved in verbal arguments but in the declaration is supposed to be viewed as the holy one. He goes on to recall about incidents that involve the DA on issues related to racism and that he even witnessed him raising tension in the bar in regards to African Americans. He drunk and after taking more than enough he lost control and started abusing the African, who was in the bar with them.

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