Is It Black or White?

In a world where race is not supposed to matter as much as it used to, race is still a big topic of discussion in the news. The most recent incident comes from Spokane, Washington, where the NAACP president has come under the spotlight because of her race. Rachel Dolezal has always identified herself as black, and even declared her race as black throughout her life. In reality, she comes from two white parents, which negates her statements of her personal identity declaration. The fact that she is in a leadership position of an organization that promotes racial equality makes this issue even more thought provoking.
This provokes thought simply because this woman was pressured into resigning from her post. Again, this woman, who has identified herself as black throughout her life, has been pushed to resign from an agency that advocates equality between races, because she is racially different. Rachel also has two boys, who have a black father. She tells them that their race is human, and color has nothing to do with that, which is the basis of civil rights in my eyes.
What does this say about the NAACP, and its leadership? Does it make them as close minded as the people that they have fought since its creation? I do not think this is the last word will hear about this issue, and I am waiting to see the results.

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