Choose To Add A Pass If You Purchase A Magnises Black Card Membership

If anyone thought that Magnises was not going to be a success, it definitely wasn’t Billy McFarland, who is the co-founder and CEO of Magnises. With so many functions that they hold on a regular basis for their members, Billy has gotten to know many of the Magnises members, especially since they’ve grown to be over 12,000 strong in the last couple of years since the membership opened. Magnises is not like any other membership because it is geared towards millennials, but it’s also marketed as a way to make a person a VIP anywhere they go, and it also can get its users into some exclusive events.

With the start of Magnises came a lot of parties and functions that were solely meant to be a way for young professionals to have a venue to get to know others who were also professionals, but they may have worked in a different industry. It’s well known that sharing information can be very beneficial to both parties, so the functions were able to create some great relationships that may have gone on to build great working relationships. Since the parties that Magnises held were so successful, Billy chose to create a membership to Magnises.

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Many know about Magnises and what the membership offers, but not everyone is up-to-date on some of the newest perks that have been added to the membership. Billy introduced several passes to the membership, and these new passes have been updated as of 2016. The passes include the ClubPass, the WorkPass, the HotelPass, and the SportsPass. Each one of these passes will have an individual fee that’s paid monthly on top of the regular Magnises membership, and the passes can be canceled at any time. No pass is ever required to be on a Magnises Black Card.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of each pass. Getting the ClubPass makes it easier for the Magnises member to enter a nightclub, and their entrance is guaranteed but may also help them to avoid long lines too. The HotelPass is mostly for discounts and possible room upgrades when staying at a hotel. The SportsPass can guarantee the Magnises member some fantastic seating at a sports event. The WorkPass is mostly to help its user get a co-working space at a lower cost. The fees for each of these passes will vary.

Anyone can choose to get a single pass, several passes, or all of the passes. It’s even possible for a member to switch passes whenever they need to. Even if a member chooses not to get any passes, they can still have a great time using their Magnises card, especially when they go to events like “Good Life Saturdays” that’s held every week in New York. There are a list of events that are marketed to Magnises members that’s listed on their website, and using the Magnises Concierge can also help a card member to navigate which events they’d like to attend.

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