Securus comes out to defend allegations from GTL

For a long time now, Securus has been providing the civil and justice system with solutions that included investigating, correcting and monitoring situations for public safety. Recently however, there is a company that took them to court over breach of contract when they were using a technology they had offered Securus on a contract basis. The company, GTL, made several claims in the local newspapers, and Securus has an issue with some of them. Below are some of the corrections that the company has made from GTL’s claims.

The company GTL claimed that they were in a position to move forward with their case and seek injunctions and damages against Securus for the infringement of their copyright when using their patented technology. However, Securus states that the case that was brought before the Texas federal court is stayed. This means that GTL is currently not able to seek any further relief or move forward with this case.

GTL claim that the PTAB determined all their innovations were patentable. This according to GTL; gave them the leeway to move back to court and protect its technology because it enables law enforcement to closely watch video visits. However, Securus would like to rectify this statement and assert that the PTAB has not expressly stated that the technology was patentable and that a simple conclusion that the claims would not be reviewed was made. Besides, the current request on re-hearing shows that GTL might not be able to move back to court as soon as they want to.

GTL also claims that Securus has established a pattern of using legal contests to keep the tenders that they want. However, Securus has evidence to show that they have tried their best to reach an out of court and intelligent settlement with GTL over the case, but GTL has chosen to use millions of their money to contest patents.