End Citizens United InDefence of the Johnson Amendment

For many people, Lyndon Johnson is just a former US president who took over following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. However, many people miss or are unaware of one crucial detail. While serving as a senator, Lyndon B. Johnson championed a bill that sought to ensure that church money stayed as far away from politics as possible. His efforts saw the passing of what is popularly known as the Johnson Amendment in 1954.

At the time, the amendment did not seem to disrupt anything or make much sense. However, the effect of Johnson Amendment and everything it represents appears to have been thrown out the window. Judging from the recent turn of events, churches and other tax-exempt non-profit organizations will be allowed to pour donations aimed at driving political campaigns for their preferred candidates.

Many people do not understand the importance of the Johnson Amendment. Look at it from this context; in 2015, the donations made to religious organizations by the US citizens was over $119 billion. Contrast this figure with approximately $6.5 billion which was spent in the 2016 election (the most expensive election in the history of US). What are the fears associated with the repeal of the amendment – something that Trump promised during his presidential campaigns? The greatest concern is; once people make church donations, it will become impossible for them to know how the money is used in the end. A massive chunk of the $119 billion could be directed towards conservative political groups,an act that will destabilize the U.S democracy.

In May 2017, the president issued an executive directive discouraging the IRS from enforcing the amendment’s terms. While executive orders do not necessarily accomplish anything by themselves, this is a clear indication that Trump will try to keep his campaign promise of repealing the amendment.

Thankfully, End Citizens United is not taking this lying down. End Citizens United is committed to protecting the Johnson Amendment by all means. The PAC believes that the Johnson Amendment plays a fundamental role in ensuring the separation of the church and state in the United States. The issue could end up in the Supreme Court. Just like in 2010, no one can predict the court’s ruling. Unfortunately, the recent appointment of another conservative to the bench may mean a disappointing and disastrous decision regarding this amendment. Whatever happens, PACs and groups such as ECU have a tough responsibility of ensuring that dark money is kept away from the coffers of political campaigns.

About End Citizens United

ECU was founded to overturn the extremely unpleasant Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. Established in 2015, ECU participated its first election cycle in 2016 with over $25 million in funding. Some of the Democratic candidates that the Political Action Committee has endorsed include Hilary Clinton, Zephyr Teachout, Beto O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Russ Feingold and Jon Ossoff. Read more on wikipedia.com to know more about End Citizens United.


Will George Soros’ contribution to Hillary Clinton’s campaign boost her candidacy?

Soros got off the limelight after 2004, after his rebellion against Bush’s reelection to White House failed. Everyone thought that his unprecedented spending on Bush’s opponent on Biography would ever be matched, having spent just over $27 million.

Many have been caught by surprise by the sudden reemergence of the profound investor. The elections are still far from near, yet the billionaire has already donated and pledged over $25 million towards the Democratic Party on Time, and most importantly, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. This report has been confirmed by the Federal Election Commission, and sources close to the Hungarian.

George Soros made his immense fortune by participating in some risky traders, risks that paid off. The billionaire’s wealth is estimated to amount to $24.9 billion. He teamed up with other billionaires to form the Open Society Foundation, a group dedicated to donating money to courses they believe in. To fund the Democratic Party, the philanthropist has teamed up with other wealthy personalities, including Tom Stayer, Haim Saban, and Don Sussman.

Soros’ decision to back Clinton doesn’t come as a surprise. After the 2008 Democratic Party nominations, in which Barack Obama had beaten Clinton, Soros expressed his regret to have supported Obama. This gave a hint that given the opportunity to rights his wrongs, he would do so. Secondly, Clinton has had a strong relationship with Soros for close to 25 years. Furthermore, Soros has been known to be against the policies of the Republican’s leader, Donald Trump. This is partly due to the different in ideologies that the two share. Soros has been known to campaign for immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms, which Trump is against. The investor, at some point, compared how Trump managed his businesses to how ISIS runs its activities.

To show his solemn support for Clinton’s candidacy, George Soros had promised to attend the Democratic Party Convention, an event which was to see Clinton accept her nomination to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. He, however, failed to attend the convention since he opted to stay in Europe and handle his trading activities that had been affected by the financial situation in Europe. Michael Vachon, the political advisor of Soros, however reassures that Soros is in full support of Clinton.

About George Soros
Soros’ philanthropic work is unmatched. Over the years he has been in business, he has donated a sum total of $7 billion through the Open Society Foundations, a group he founded for charitable reasons. This foundation on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros works to improve education, justice, businesses, and to promote the rights of independent media. His philanthropic work started in 1979, with him making donations towards helping black students, helping them to join Cape Town University.

Soros has made it clear that he feels obligated to contribute towards matters of national politics due to his superior financial status. This, according to him, puts him in a position that others can’t reach. It makes him a bit more independent than other people. With this much influence, Soros is in a place to tackle issues that are considered controversial by most people.