Pig In A Basement

It was a rescue like Detroit police had never seen before. They spent 12 hours which is basically their whole day, rescuing a hog! It all started when someone called into them that human beings were found in a basement of a house. That rumor was unfounded and what they found instead was still bizarre, but a lot less sinister.

According to Reddit, they arrived at the house which was left in deplorable conditions after the owner died earlier in the week. The owner was said to be a hoarder, and that was pretty obvious when they made it to the basement. In the basement, they found a 400 pound pig! It wasn’t just a matter of getting the pig out of the house, it was a lot more difficult than that. That’s because the stairs were gone! Animal rescue and the police department had to take matters into their own hands. They created a ramp to help the pig get out of the basement since there were no stairs. They had to push and coax the pig to go up the ramp but in the end it worked.

In the end, they were successful and this story ends happily. The pig is now allowed to live out it’s remaining days on a farm in Saline. It won’t be harmed and hopefully it won’t find itself trapped in any more basements. A happy ending for a pig that’s been through quite the ordeal.

Thanks to Dr. Daniel Amen for showing me this.