Jumping on Urbana’s Bandwagon

Jon Urbana is one of those rare people who just seems to be good at everything he does. He has many accolades for his work in videos, he is adept at making music and marketing his unique sounds, he has a broad list of achievements in aviation, he has found nothing but success in his business ventures, he has a natural athletic ability he applied specifically to the sport of lacrosse and his social media presence is vast and active. Let’s take a look at a few of Jon Urbana’s specific achievements to better illustrate what a rare talent he is.

Lacrosse Career

In his banner year in 2004, he received honorable mention All-America honors, and he was Colonial Athletic Association defensive player of the year. He was also a first team all-conference selection at Villanova, and he led the conference and was ranked seventh nationwide in defense against scoring. Needless to say, it was tough trying to get one over on Jon Urbana in lacrosse.

Urbana’s Impressive Business And Career Profile

Jon Urbana is a business pro based in the Denver area, and he currently serves as Business Development Manager for Ellipse USA, which is a supplier of laser and IPL systems. Because he was a former lacrosse player for Villanova Wildcats, Jon Urbana co-founded the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is one of the largest training programs for young lacrosse enthusiasts.

Jon Urbana’s Expertise In Aviation And His Recognition From The FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration gave recognition to Jon Urban for the important FAA Airmen Certification Database. The database, which appears on the website www.faa.gov/, named Jon Urbana as an excellent, certified pilot because he achieved licensing, higher education, and met medical requirements set by the FAA.

Take The Time And Check Out Sergio Cortes, The Best MJ Impersonator

Those who watch Sergio Cortes’ videos when he performs are more than thrilled to see his amazing performances as well is the fact that he looks so similar to Michael Jackson. Even though many have fallen in love with Sergio because of his mannerisms and his dead-on impressions of Michael Jackson, many still wish that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was still here. Michael passed in 2009, and Michael’s death was so sudden and unexpected that it threw the entire world into a period of mourning that lasted for months if not years.

Although it helped many to play Michael’s music after he passed, it just wasn’t enough for those who were truly mourning him. For some, it’s a good idea to seek out someone who is very similar to a person who died, so the person can get comfort from their tears and anguish over the person who died. Many started looking to Sergio Cortes because not only is he a great impersonator but he’s so similar to Michael Jackson that it’s uncanny. Many could easily have mistaken Sergio for Michael Jackson when the Michael was alive because that’s how much he looked like the star.

Although many were saddened by the death of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes was a great help in the healing of the hearts of many who were devastated by Michael’s death. Sergio performed a show that would make him famous worldwide because of his great impersonations of Michael Jackson. Sergio has a singing voice that is high enough to hit the notes that Michael himself seemed to claim as his own, especially when Michael was singing lead in the Jackson Five group. Sergio is really embodying everything that used to be Michael Jackson, and Sergio even brings tears to the eyes of many who miss Michael Jackson dearly.

Not every Michael Jackson impersonator is good enough to gain international fans, but Sergio has. Sergio lives in Brazil, but Sergio was born in Barcelona, Spain, and from coast-to-coast he’s well known as the absolute best impersonator of Michael Jackson. The fact that Sergio looks like Michael and can perform exactly like him as well, it makes him the absolute best at what he does. Sergio continues his practice of being a Michael Jackson impersonator, and he has many followers on social media websites as well as many loyal fans from all over the world.