The Many Flavorful Picks from EOS

Do you enjoy using lip balms that are full of natural and organic ingredients to cure your dry lip problem. If you like different flavors and a variety of fruit scents to use for your lips, then the Evolution of Smooth lip flavorful picks would be well suited for your lip care.

The naturally derived flavors that the EOS lip balms are the Sweet Mint and the Vanilla Bean. The Sweet Mint is full of a lush scent of healing, refreshing mint. The Vanilla Bean lip flavor smells of sweet and fresh vanilla beans.

The different fruit flavors are the majority of the different flavors from EOS. The fruit scents contain passion fruit, strawberry, blueberry, tangerine, honeydew, blackberry. pomegranate, and raspberry.

These organic flavors were selected by the EOS company to help them sell products to younger generations. Younger generations are said to like organic, natural products to use on their bodies. To update the products even more, the EOS company chose to make all of the EOS packages match the flavor of the lip balm. Each lip balm comes in a pleasantly small, pudgy, and round lip balm container. They additionally asked celebrities who care about using natural and organic products to promote the lip balm.

If you are concerned about using more environmentally healthy personal care products for yourself, the EOS lip balms may be a fitting step in the right direction. You also do not need to sacrifice variety of flavors choices when you choose to use the EOS products to improve your lip care game. For more information, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at

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