Securus Technologies Release THREADS 3.1, a Highly Actionable Intelligence tool for Investigators

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of inmate communication solution in facility correction industry. According to PR Newswire Report, the company has released THREADS 3.1. This is the most advanced, most robust, and fully integrated Big Data analytical tool in the United States corrections facilities.

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The release of THREADS 3.1 has upgraded Securus software platforms from traditional Microsoft Silverlight Architecture to HTML5 architecture. This has allowed direct integration of Securus products such as Video Visitation. THREADS provide investigators with proactive tools that are easier to use and instrumental during an investigation. It is evident THREADS provide highly actionable intelligence and focused lead to investigators, and yet the software tool requires little training.

THREADS 3.1 redesign Securus investigative product and upgrade user interface [see this Youtube video] into the latest web-based technologies. The upgrades enhance system performance by improving navigation, streamlining user interface, and eliminating systems actions that are not necessary. Moreover, THREADS significantly enhance search function and record loading. According to General Manager of Business Management for Securus, Kelly Solid, THREADs will translate to improved performance and user experience while preserving the powerful analysis Securus clients have been accustomed.

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The software tool has been loaded with other fundamental features such ability to customize printing and mapping, context-sensitive reports, real-time analysis, and ability to listen to call within the software application. For years THREADS has been recognized as the gold standards for investigative solutions. THREADS play a critical role in detecting and identifying suspicious inmate calling pattern. It analyzes big data and identifies trends and patterns related to communication, fraternization, and associations. This upgrade empowers investigators with tools that go a long way in helping to keep our community safe.

Securus Technologies has the largest network of public safety products in the technology market. It has positioned itself as the home of edge cutting technology products that meet more than 3,400 law enforcement and public safety agencies needs. The company has also conquered the market due to the affordability of its products.